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Leerfei YST-1046 RGB Gaming Speaker USB Powered

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Leerfei YST-1046 RGB Gaming Speaker

Gaming Design Speaker By Leerfei


About Gaming:

Gaming is a motivation driven experience which gives you thrill and sense of achievement. You beat the odds and move towards a destination which makes it an inspirational experience. If you are a gamer or you are a person who has just begun to take interest in this whole new world of gaming, you must want to make your experience memorable and stirring. And along with other components that add up to this breath taking journey, a major thing that matters is sound quality. If you want to elevate this passion and connect to it more closely, you are in the right place. Here, you will be introduced with gaming speakers that will entirely change your perception about gaming. The amazing Leerfei YST-1046 RGB gaming speakers are the ultimate add on to your gaming routine.

Multi-functional RGB speakers:

These are high quality speakers with a high sound quality that is smooth with a good pitch and causes no distortion of sound. It is a very important point because if sound quality does not cooperate, the whole gaming experience falls down if we talk about Leerfei RGB gaming speaker price in Bangladesh, it is not a lot. As compared to other gaming equipment and devices it is an affordable device with a whole lot of features.

  • Portable speakers and convenient size

It has a high-power output of 6W. If gaming is your passion you can totally relate that you get tired of playing your games at one place due to setup issues. It is exhausting not able to play anywhere you want just because you first you will have to setup and connect devices in a whole new area. Good news for you is that these speakers are portable and easy to carry because of a reliable size.


USB Speaker Wide Compatibility PC Laptop Mobile and many more


  • Connect with any device

They can be plugged in any device like your pc, laptop, play station, DVD player and even your mobile phone. These speakers, with so many functions are a really good deal even if we compare Leerfei YST-1046 RGB speaker price in BD.  With the price that you can buy it for, it offers a lot of exciting features.

Other than that, it has a lot of functions. Once you have connected your device with these speakers and you are to get to the exciting part of gaming for hours. You do not have to worry about the surrounding atmosphere.


effect of the rgb led light on the yst-1046 speaker


  • Cool ambiance and modern design

Even if your ambiance is not set perfectly for a gaming session, these Leerfei gaming speakers have you covered with beautiful and aesthetic rgb led lights. These are not just a couple but seven different lights that will make your gaming experience worth it. Their innovative neon colors provide a perfect ambiance for your gaming sessions. Moreover, they are not typical old styled speakers that cover a whole lot of space on your gaming desk as they have a convenient size that you can easily move from one place to another. They are cool and stylish that goes along with any gaming theme.

Easy to use and manage:

These RGB speakers are equipped with modern technology and given that, they are not difficult to operate.

  • Operation and connectivity:

All the volume setting buttons are in line and labeled so that you can easily manage them. They do not require any special type of operating to connect with a device you just simply have to plug in a USB cable. They are as simple as it gets with high quality and multi functions. You can take them anywhere to your gaming competitions and sessions because they are built in a way that is accessible and portable. In the gaming world, it fulfills all the qualities that you can possibly look for a good gaming speaker. They provide mighty bass to give you an immersive sound throughout your games.

yst-1046 rgb gaming speaker price list

Leerfei YST-1046 RGB speaker price in BD:

With so many amazing qualities and latest technology, you may think that Leerfei YST-1046 speaker price in Bangladesh may be very high but that is not true.

  • Price in BD Taka and USD:

The YST-1046 RGB Speaker price in BD is just approximately 12 USD which is around 900 Bangladeshi Taka. It is surprisingly low priced with all the amazing functions that enhance your user experience. There is not much left to think about as this is the kind of gift that every gamer waits for. It is like a dream come true in the gaming and tech world. All the fascinating functions combined to make a portable RGB speaker with accessible price which makes it seem unreal. If you were looking for gaming speakers but did not want to spend too much and you were not satisfied with the quality of your gaming sessions, this is like a wake-up call for you and you must not wait any longer because good things do not come around that easily.

  • Why is it your best option?

These Leerfei RGB gaming speakers with price in Bangladesh of just 900 BD Taka, are a must have and should be your very next addition to your gaming equipment. It will not only give you the thrilling experience that you desire, it will also give you a cool ambiance and make your gaming competitions more exciting. So, do not wait any longer to have the best gaming sessions.

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