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Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector 

Whether you work in a office or in any educational institute, you need an efficient projector to deliver your important presentations and lectures. A portable projector is also useful for home usage, gaming and watching movies. You enjoy all of these activities more when you have a bigger screen in front of you, right?

That’s why I am taking you on an trip of Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector review. The Xiaomi is a sub-brand of Wanbo that gained popularity for producing compact, budget-friendly projectors.

The Wanbo T2 max is a small, portable and efficient projector that has many exiting features to offer. It has an elegant body and an impressive heat dissipation system which keeps its temperate to an optimum level during its operation.

Let’s dive deeper into its technical features, plus points and downsides. At the end of this write-up, you will also get to know about the Xiaomi Wanbo T2 max projector price in Bangladesh so, keep on reading!

xiaomi wanbo projectors available now in Bangladesh with EMI facility

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector Design & Build Quality

The body of Xiaomi Wanbo T2 is made up of white plastic. However, its first part that surrounds the LED lens is covered with black plastic. The combination of black and white give overall gives it a nice finish.

Coming towards its design, it has an LED lens with various openings on front side. These openings allow the hot air to escape from the device. On the back side, it contains different holes from where cold air enters. If you want to keep your device cool then make sure these openings are not covered while its working.

A focus ring for power projection and a power button is located on top of the body. While on its lower side, you will see a threaded tripod connection and four rubber feet.

popular android 9 projector with modern day interfaces

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector Multimedia & Interfaces

Furthermore, it has comprehensive connections and during my testing, these worked great. It contains a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB, HDMI connections and a DC port for power. All of these connections are located on the back of the case while on side ends, it contains speakers. Shortly, it has all the basic interfaces that you are needed in a small portable projector.

Its display resolution is 1920*1080p that is ideal for home use but also suitable for some office functions. The thing which I greatly liked about this projector is that it causes less visual fatigue. It is the biggest advantage of this projector so it is suitable for both adults and kids alike.

What’s more, it runs on 9.0 OS hence, you can watch all of your favorite content on famous streaming websites like YouTube. The Xiaomi Wanbo T2 max has 8GB of internal storage and it can limit your fun. To compensate this, you can either directly cast a video from your mobile or can attach a USB flash drive with it.

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector System & Resources

Other than that, it features an in-built Mstar image chip that is capable of supporting HDR10 decoding technology. It provides high-quality images with a more dynamic range. Hence, it will provide you an exiting viewing experience for watching high octane sporting events and even without breakouts.

It has four effective anti-slip footpads at the bottom which provides proper balance to the projector. Additionally, there is an interface a fuselage at the lower side of the fuselage. As compared to other devices, the Wanbo T2 is quite user-friendly and you can conveniently place it on tripods.

The UI design of Wanbo T2 is flat and its system uses Android technology. Hence, it is quite straightforward to use and you can easily get started.

Its interface is versatile enough that you can use it at different places without any hindrance.  Adding to this, you can either use it on a separate tripod or on a camera tripod. The overall weight of this device is 0.9 kg that make it easy to transport from one place to another.

xiaomi projector with imporved brightness

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector Max Experience (Brightness)

The most important parameters for judging the quality of any projector is its visuals and brightness. Most people like to buy those devices which provides excellent brightness and well illuminated images. Speaking about the Wanbo T2 Max, it has brightness of 250ANSLIM.

It can project 120 inches from a distance of 3 meters. As the distance between wall & projector increases, you can make the picture clear and sharp by using its focus wheel. On the downside, it doesn’t come with an autofocus so you have to adjust the focus by yourself.

However, it offers a good semblance of focus for the gadget. It provides a good experience of reading documents or watching movies unlike conventional and older projectors.

Other Features

It is a smart and handy projector that contains many exiting features. The design of Wanbo T2 max is simple yet beautiful that make it distinguishing from its competitors. Overall, the projector provides a good value in return of its affordable price.

Let’s have a detailed look on its other features!

Remote Control

It falls into the category of home entertainment projectors. Its remote control has a standard appearance similar to other technological products of Xiaomi. Plus, it has minimal number of buttons but it is capable of performing all the necessary functions.

The remote control runs on two AAA batteries but these are not available in the pack and this is something which I didn’t like about Xiaomi T2 max.

powerful heat dissipation increases the durability of the proejctor lamp


The common issue with most of the cheaply designed projectors is that they produce excessive heat during their working and lacks a top-notch heat dissipation process. This greatly decline the lifespan of LED bulb and make them less useful for you.

On the flip side, you don’t have to face these challenges while using the Wanbo T2 max projector. It features two separate heat release apertures that are positioned on the back and front side of the device.

These efficient heat dissipation holes are powered with a fully enclosed internal circulation mechanism. Therefore, it effectively isolates the dust particles and speed up the heat energy removal from the device. This way, it keeps the projector cool during its operation and the life of LED bulb is also extended.

Under good heat dissipation conditions, the life of T2 Max LED light source is 30,000 hours. To add more perspective into it, if you will use this consecutively then it can last for three years. But of course, you are not going to use it in such an insane manner. If you use it for almost 5 hours daily than it’s light source can last for a lifetime meaning that it is quite durable.

sound test and review of xiaomi t2 max

Speakers & Sound Quality

On the right and left sides, it has speakers each having 3 watts of power. However, I am not much happy with the performance of these speakers as their sound quality is ordinary.

The good part? It also features a headphone jack containing a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you can attach separate speakers with it to have more fun.

If you are a gaming enthusiast then you can have an amazing gaming experience with minimal drag even with a high speed network. Watching a movie on Wanbo T2 Max is also quite impressive.

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector Price & Warranty

Note that the Wanbo T2 max has two version among which one is Chinese and the second one is international. The user interface of its international version is translated into many languages but its not easy to found since the mass production is not started yet.

However, its Global version is easily available and you can find it on many websites online. The  Xiaomi Wanbo T2 max projector price in Bangladesh is TK. 18,500. Other than that, it is backed with one year warranty. In case you face any issue in the projector during this time period than you can claim for its warranty.

There are many websites that provides a discount on the original Xiaomi Wanbo T2 max price in bd. For instance, the AliExpress is offering 21% discount on the original price of Wanbo T2 max. So, if you need a discount than consider purchasing it online from this website or through any other good website.


  • Good build quality
  • Built to last
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Excellent heat dissipation system
  • Easy to use


  • Only suitable for shaded rooms
  • Sound quality could be better


The Wanbo T2 max projector is a decent choice for small offices and household use. It is suitable for study, music, movies and even for gaming. On the bright side, it has durable build quality, extended lifespan of LED light source and impressive heat dissipation mechanism. The picture quality is satisfactory and it reduces the risk of visual fatigue and other such complications.

But because of its low brightness, it works best in complete darkness and shaded rooms. Its speakers are weak and it needs improvement in sound quality.


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