X7 Gaming Mouse With 7 Buttons And 5500 DPI

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X7 Gaming Mouse

Games make our lives a bit lively because it will be more serious without these games. Therefore, we need to have the right equipment to enjoy gaming. There are so many instruments that have been developed to ease game playing.

One of these devices is the X7 gaming mouse that is mainly used to play games on computers. Unlike the standard mouse, this mouse has been enhanced with several other features. However, it is simple and can be used by children.

Therefore, this article will review the outstanding features of this mouse and its price in Bangladesh. Thus, stay tuned and follow me keenly.

Features of X7 Gaming Mouse

X7 Gaming Mouse Features Describe AnimationThis amazing gaming mouse has seven buttons with a scroll to help you navigate to all directions during gaming. It has a large curved design that can support the palm of your hand. The left and right fingers support the components; thus, allowing the mouse more docile, and it cannot slide at any time.

When you double click key one, it is similar to clicking the left button two times thus, you can efficiently control the game while enjoying it. Finger fatigue is significantly reduced because there are no long-term keys that require a lot of energy.

This mouse is designed with a 4800DPI sensor that supports the gamers’ hand movement speed and an acceleration of 15g. The sensor can handle up to 6000 frames each second and tracking a distance of about 60 inches each second for gamers who possess large screen monitors.

The good thing is that this mouse is not only suitable for game playing but also office functions. It has forward and backward keys that help avoid complex essential operations. This gaming mouse is well built with colorful gradient breathing light that is soft and does not harm the eyes.

Many people like this mouse because of its attractive design. Many children like the lights more than they like the mouse what the mouse does because it is glowing all the time.  This mouse can last for eternity because the materials used to make it are much stable.

The good thing with the breathing light is that it can change to different colors. You can mute the gaming sound with this mouse. Hence, you will not disturb your neighbors or family. It fulfills gamers’ needs, and you cannot get boring with this mouse in your hand.

This fantastic product comes at an affordable price in Bangladesh, and you can get it in major electronic shops. All the buttons are silent, meaning that you won’t disturb your kids with the click sound when they are studying.

It is lightweight, as it weighs approximately 185 grams. The materials used to make it are resistant to cracks; thus, it can fall without getting any crack. However, you should not carelessly use it because it can be damaged internally, just like any other device.

X7 gaming mouse price in Bangladesh

You will not break the bank to get this fantastic product. The mouse is sold at 850 Bangladeshi Taka, a reasonable price for such an excellent product. However, this price varies from one seller to the other.

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