Tanix TX6S Android Smart TV Box 4GB RAM Android 10 Dual Band WiFi

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Tanix TX6S Android TV Box

Tanix TX6S Android TV Box Main Features

An android TV box is a minimal and budget-friendly center box that easily connects to a Television and plays multiple T.V shows, movies, apps and virtual games. Android TV boxes in Bangladesh have occupied a valuable place as they allow a wide range of benefits from surfing the web to streaming movies straight to your television.

While there’s no certainty that we’re coming out of this lockdown situation anytime soon, pandemic restrictions have shut down numerous workplaces and entertainment areas globally. Switching to a home-based entertainment routine isn’t easy, especially if you’re an extrovert who loves going out to cinema theaters as soon as your favorite movie releases. During this time, you’ll require a device that will keep you occupied and fascinate you simultaneously, more specifically, a Tanix TX6S Android TV box.

Being an audiophile who loves to watch series and movies on a big screen, but couldn’t go out to the theaters, what makes it easier to get a cinema effect at home? Probably a Tanix TX6S Android TV box paired with a big screen tv will come in handy. Here’s a detailed guide for all the movie and virtual game lovers out there seeking to add an amusing screening setup within the comfort of their homes. Let’s review the mechanism of one of the most popular Tanix TX6S Android TV boxes.

Tanix TX6S New Arrival Android TV Box

The arrival of the Tanix TX6S Android TV box:

Tanix TX6S Android TV box allows you to stream series or movies on any television, including the ones that don’t contain smart abilities.

The Tanix TX6S Android TV box debuts in a protective and stylish black cardboard box with the company’s logo printed on it. Besides the device, there is a quire of accessories available inside, including an HDMI cable, IR remote control, power adapter, USB wire, and a user manual.

Tanix TX6S Android TV box can be connected to a television through an HDMI port, just like a YouTube application can be installed for streaming YT videos, it’s that easy. You’ve to initiate the process by plugging in the HDMI cable to your TV and make sure to select the right HDMI input. Once connected and powered on, connect the android TV box to your Wi-Fi connection and you are all ready to go. Tanix TX6S provides a setup screen for Wi-Fi, while others get it from the setting section. Once the device is plugged in, several streaming services and applications can be accessed, including casting. Since this device represents a compact computer, it doesn’t require an internet connection to operate.

Buy Tanix TV Box In BD Specifications of Tanix TX6S Android TV box:

You must be already familiar with the brand, but the Tanix TX6S android TV box provides you easy access to a range of applications, including YouTube, Netflix, and Google play store. This smart device offers 4k streaming and supports Google Assistant, which means you can navigate the TV box through voice commands. However, you’ll need a voice control remote for this purpose.

The Tanix TX6S android TV box comes equipped with multiple useful specifications, which are as follows.

Availability of an Android system:

Android is an efficient operating system, just like Windows and iOS, and was created by Google for controlling smartphones. It runs on ARM-based processors making it portable to any device that operates the same hardware. Since the Android Operating System is a complementary source, it makes Tanix TX6S android TV box a budget-friendly option for all the movie lovers out there.

While android is mainly used for smartphones, how feasible it would be if we get the same advantage on TV boxes with a better insight and hardware input? Fortunately, the Tanix TV box contains a 10.0 android operating system.


Multiple Built-in operations:

The Tanix TX6S android TV box arrives with numerous built-in specifications, which ultimately provides better services and user experience. The Tanix TX6S allows 4k and 8k video decoding, Social media application, and Google play store. One can easily connect the Tanix TV box to a Television, or projector.

The availability of external slots, including dual USB ports, HDMI output, power input, and an Ethernet port makes it convenient to insert drivers into the Tanix TS6X android TV box. In case of the absence of an internet connection, users can directly play videos from the hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. Despite being a Chinese brand TV box, this device supports more than 10 languages.

TX6S Android Smart TV Box Dual Band 5 GHz WiFi And Bluetooth 4.1

Comprehensible user interface:

This well-organized Android TV box is equipped with 5 GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi and an external antenna that diminishes the obstacle of receiving signals from every corner. Also, the device is packed with 4.1 Bluetooth for rapid data transmission to compatible systems. Tanix TX6S Android TV box is highly understandable, and almost everyone can understand its dynamics.

Light Weight And Compact Android TV Box Attractive and Light-weighted:

The Tanix TX6S TV box is composed of ABS plastic material, which is considered an impact-resistant engineering plastic. The box is quite minimal and covered in a blackish mesh with the company’s name on the top. Not to mention, the most attractive feature of this android TV box is its appearance, and this device contains a rectangular shape, which looks beguiling to the eyes. The console features a front display that notifies about its current performing functions and also shows the time.

Also, there is an external Wi-Fi antenna that comes in handy when you keep the TV box away from the router. Additionally, the Tanix TX6S TV box is extremely light-weighted and weighs just around 0.180 kg, so everyone can move it easily.


Easy Installation:

The Tanix Android TV box is an ideal device for spacious rooms. The graphics are highly diversified and almost appear to be natural at an appropriate distance from the screen. In homogenous devices, a compatible distance starts from two meters.

The Tanix TX6S android TV box allows manual adjustments, depending on the distance from the Wi-Fi router. According to the reviews, the most vibrant quality of this android TV box is the radiant colors of the provided content that users get awed by the perfection of the shades.


Built-in applications:

Among others, the Tanix TS6S android TV box arrives with the latest software, virtual games, and social media applications, which supports improving user experience. As mentioned above, the user interface of the Tanix TV box is super smooth and easy to get around, so we can effortlessly install amusing apps for our entertainment sessions, including Netflix, Toffee, Binge, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. Also, the multimedia segment works amazingly well without even a single glitch.

If a TV box is providing a considerable screen size, then it’s great merit in itself. Fortunately, the tanix TX6S arrives with this built-in amazing feature and provides a bright and larger view of the images.

Tanix TX6S Android TV Box Price In Bangladesh

A budget-friendly device:

The Chinese Android TV box contains great significance with every system that’s it is paired with. It works well with all types of mechanisms and software. After evaluating the above specifications, we can consider them for our spaces as well. However, the list doesn’t end here, there is an additional surprising fact to this detailing, and that is the Tanix TX6S is far from expensive and the most budget-friendly TV box available out there. If you’re considering purchasing an Android TV box for your home television, then surely that’s the one to opt for. In cheaper devices, there’s always room for error, so wouldn’t it be wise to make one-time wise decisions

On such an affordable price tag, the specifications of a Tanix TX6S android TV box are spectacular, however, different prices prevail in different countries, so for additional feasibility, Here’s a list of price tags of the tanix TV box in various countries.

  1. The price of the Tanix TX6S 10 android TV box in Pakistan starts from 6,250 PKR.
  2. The price of the Tanix TX6S 10 android TV box in India starts from 3,800 INR.
  3. The price of the Tanix TX6S 10 android TV box in Bangladesh currently states 3,999 Bangladeshi Taka.
  4. The price of the Tanix TX6S 10 android TV box in the USA varies from $20.20- $22. 39.


Pros and Cons of Tanix TX6S 10 Android TV box:

Tanix is a popular Chinese brand that specializes in producing TV boxes for all types of televisions. Here’s a short guide for the movie lovers out there considering getting their hands on this android TV box. At the end of this guide, you’ll decide whether it would be wise to purchase it or not.


  1. It appears to be a tiny device but contains numerous exceptional applications and specifications.
  2. Despite being on the cheaper end, the list of accessories and specifications we get along with the Tanix Android TV box is quite extensive.
  3. Tanix TX6S allows a high-quality video experience with less buffering.
  4. This TV box is light-weighted, which means that you can easily carry it anywhere with you.
  5. Besides movie-lovers, this TV box is a complete entertainment package for all the virtual game-lovers as well.
  6. The producers have provided excess attention to the user interface of the Tanix TX6S TV box as it’s very easy to use and easily acknowledgeable.
  7. Tanix TX6S android 10 TV box provides a wide range of virtual games.
  8. The specification of the Google voice assistant is amazingly new.
  9. Being a plastic-made device, the Tanix TX6S android TV box appears to be very attractive, because of the blackish mesh on it.
  10. It’s not a projector, but you might receive 3D glasses as a present with the Tanix TV box.


After reviewing all the pros of the Tanix TS6X android TV box above, you must be quite impressed with all of them. However, we should specify the cons as well, if there are any.

  1. Due to the absence of a status bar on Tanix TX6S, we can’t receive the notifications.
  2. HD and 4K streaming were ok but we noticed some performance lag while playing 6k and 8k videos.
  3. Some apps were not directly available in its play store and we had to manually download the apk files and install those.
  4. The remote controller included in the package, did not have a voice search option and so we had to purchase a voice search remote separately.


After considering the merits and demerits of the Tanix TS6X android TV box, we must conjure up that this is a budget TV box and should be only utilized for streaming movies and video games.


Frequently Asked Questions about a TV Box:

Who doesn’t love enjoying their favorite movies at home? It allows the entire crew to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or any T.V show comfortably. Presently, TV android boxes aren’t a luxury and your home doesn’t have to be spacious to place it up. Once the TV box is set up, several streaming services and applications can be easily accessed on your television, without requiring any desktop or laptop.

In the following guide, we’ll make sure to answer the most common queries regarding 4GB RAM android TV boxes, including their working, specifications, and prices.


  1. Can you watch ordinary TV channels with an Android TV box?

Your demands regarding the streaming services and Google applications depend on the brand of your 4GB RAM android TV boxes. For instance, the front page of Amazon’s Fire Stick TV devices contains a live TV tab where you can easily access applications, including BBC iPlayer, My5, and All4. These applications might require you to log in, but there are no excess charges. However, researching each service is feasible to review which one will compliment your viewing habits.


  1. What is the difference between an Android TV box and a Smart TV stick?

Smart TV sticks have become increasingly popular due to their minimal size and probability. On the contrary, 4GB RAM android TV boxes appear to be huge and slightly more difficult to hide behind a Television. However, the size of a device implies how versatile it is. For instance, numerous well-known Android TV boxes offer 4K streaming, and advanced gaming abilities, just like a Tanix TS6X 10 android TV box. Therefore, it depends on your budget and the streaming quality you would want to have on your device.


  1. How does an Android TV box work? 

Similar to a Google Chrome cast, and Now TV stick, an android TV box gets plugs into you’re your television from the back through an HDMI port. However, once it’s been plugged in, an android TV box will work differently as it varies on the operating system.

An android TV box is mainly utilized for streaming videos and allows users to watch their favorite TV series and movies. While there’s almost every specification available that a standard computer contains too, an android TV box can be operated through smartphones. We can install almost every application from the Google play store, including creating a document to reviewing the weather.


  1. Does an android TV box require an internet connection?

If you’re considering streaming videos from online sources, an internet connection would be needed. On the contrary, if you’re storing videos locally from a home-based video library, an internet connection wouldn’t be necessary. Since an Android TV box is like a compact desktop, so it doesn’t need internet for operating the device.

Undoubtedly, an internet connection brings multiple entertainment options to any device and enhances the TV’s capabilities. If you’re having an extensive video library stored on an external hard drive, Wi-Fi isn’t needed to play local files.



Final Conclusion about the Tanix TX6S Android TV Box

Tanix TX6S android TV box is one of the most affordable packages available in BD. With this modern and well-equipped TV box, watching movies and playing virtual games at home is no more a hassle. Android TV boxes are no longer a luxury rather a necessity to the modern world, and the Tanix TX6S TV box is a prime example of how a TV box maintains a peaceful environment within our four walls. With the latest exonerating features, including powerful hardware, smooth UI, and 6K video decoding, the Tanix TX6S is undoubtedly one of the best inventions in decades, and probably the most reliable device you couldn’t invest in. Get your hands on the Tanix TX6S android TV box and enjoy multiple amusing features as compared to other alternatives present in the Bangladesh market.


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SKU: Tanix TX6S 4GB RAM Android TV Box Category:


Brand Tanix
Model TX6S
Warranty 7 Days Replacement Warranty & 1 Year Service Warranty
Processor AllWinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A63 Processor
Processor Architecture 64 bit
Graphics Processor Mali G31 MP2
ROM 32 GB ROM / Nand Flash ( expandable via memory card, external HDD and pendrives)
Android Version Android 10.0 Q
Max Supported Resolution 8K
Internet Connectivity Dual Band WiFi , Bluetooth 4.1 ,  Ethernet/LAN Port and it also support 3g/4g modems
Miracast / Wireless Display Miracast, Airplay, DLNA all are supported
3D Support Supports 3D ( for watching 3d, your tv must support 3d)
Watch TV Channels It has IP TV Softwares and plugins. So you can watch tv channels for free via internet connectivity.
Install Android Apps It has mobile version google play store. So you can install any apps and games.
Ports 2 x USB 2.0

1 x USB 3.0
1 x HDMI
1 x TF Card Slot
1 x SPDIF/ A3.5mm audio out
1 x Ethernet/LAN
1 x DC Power In

Webcam Supports WL-006 webcam and microphone and so you can do video chatting.
Mouse/keyboard Supports all kinds of mouse and keyboard. Wired and wireless all are supported
Power 5V/2A
Package Contents 1 x TX6-S Android TV Box
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x IR Remote
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual


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