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If you are thinking about investing in the enhancement of your security system or just seeking safety surveillance, IP or CCTV cameras should be the first pick. We live in an extremely fishy world where trusting on anything isn’t an option. We need to keep an eye on our hard-earned or precious things all the time to ensure its safety and security. It wasn’t practically possible not so long ago. But with the help of modern technology today, there isn’t much demand existing that can’t be full filled. One of its advanced examples would be IP or CCTV cameras. Using this, one can practically keep an eye on anyone or anything he wants 24/7.

It goes without saying that the usage of these is limitless. Protecting private property, bank lockers, entrances, monitoring anything valuable, keeping a tab on stuff or in investigating crimes, live streaming of events, telecasting directly anything anywhere etc.

Price is a vital factor while investing in any kind of electronics. If you have no idea about IP or CCTV cameras or their prices, you can find them on the zymak bd website.  Also, it’s worth knowing what you would be getting in exchange of your money so detailed specifications and model descriptions are available too in our website to help you understand. On zymak website, you can check out the IP or CCTV camera price in BD and specifications of different models. We have been importing the best quality product for quite a long time. With clean records from the beginning, we can say we have earned a great deal of customer satisfaction.

Picking one suitable security camera that would meet your needs in the right price can be burdensome especially when you don’t have any knowledge or experience in this sector. We can ease you this hardship a little providing the information of different types of CCTV camera price in Bangladesh and IP camera price in BD. Zymak BD is a well reputed and experienced electronic dealer in Bangladesh which has been operating in this field for a very long time. Our experts in electronic devices here can provide you with some independent advice to help you pick the right one. We can give you some of the best deals in IP and CCTV camera price in BD.

Which Options are available?

With the rapid growth of technology, security cameras came with lots of varieties, features, and specifications. There are mainly two types available when shopping for a security camera.

  • Internet Protocol camera / IP camera
  • CCTV camera

Both kinds of quality pieces are available in Zymak. Each type works in their own way. There’s a range of specifications in features and limitations exist in its usage as well. While shopping these, the existing difference between the amount of CCTV camera price in BD and IP camera price in Bangladesh is of great value. Applications of these are also very much different but of course for same kind purposes. Also budgeted CCTV camera price in Bangladesh doesn’t always mean one has to compromise with the quality. Same goes for IP camera price in BD as well. We have a quality product collection for almost every kind of budget.

Difference between IP and CCTV camera price in BD

The main difference between IP and CCTV camera is that IP camera works within your LAN network. It can be wired or wireless. On the other hand, CCTV camera works within its own unit connecting with a DVR (digital video recorder) system. IP and CCTV cameras are different in a lot of ways. To sum up,

  • IP camera uses an Ethernet cable to transmit the signal to an NVR, and CCTV camera uses a coax cable and requires a BNC connection in order to connect to a DVR or monitor for viewing images. Simply, IP camera is digital and CCTV camera is analog.
  • IP camera gives better quality videos than a CCTV camera.
  • CCTV camera cannot be connected directly by mobile applications but IP cameras can be directly connected from anywhere using IP address without NVR/DVR.
  • IP cameras can record in any PC/workstation but a user would need special hardware (PCI cards) to record the video on normal PC/workstation.
  • All IP cameras have the online view and can be accessed from anywhere of the world using the internet but only a few DVR have the online view.
  • IP cameras are easy to install, no wiring needed. On the other hand, CCTV cameras are hard to install and need professional instruments and assistance.
  • IP cameras have two-way audio. The user can talk and listen to messages using IP camera but most CCTV cameras do not have any audio feature. It can record only videos.
  • IP cameras can be moved 360 degrees electronically using software from devices, but CCTV cameras can be moved only manually.
  • Usual IP cameras offer more functions than usual CCTV cameras.

There’s a difference between IP and CCTV camera price in Bangladesh as well. Depending on advanced features, IP camera price in BD might be a little higher than CCTV, but CCTV camera price in BD gets additionally higher than the normal IP cameras because of the external cost of installation equipment.

CCTV camera price in Bangladesh

CCTV camera is a closed circuit television unit. The circuit in which video is transmitted is an out-and-out closed system within its equipment like camera, monitor, recording devices, cables and so on. CCTV cameras in Bangladesh and all over the world are commonly used in security camera systems. And on the topic of CCTV camera price in BD, you would be delighted to know zymak resides plenty of collections that can fit in any range of budget. It was vastly used for years in big retail shops, banks, jewelers, government institutions, traffic points etc until IP camera was introduced.  CCTV is a complete closed system so any breach in its security system is next to impossible and one can completely control it just in his way. In most of the cases, a CCTV camera is a sturdy unit. So, one installation can provide you years of services.

While thinking about CCTV camera price in Bangladesh, it is usual to be clueless about its price or from where one can get it and so on. If you are looking for CCTV camera price in Bangladesh or any reliable dealer, you have to look no further. Because Zymak BD can provide both. We can serve you with any kind of CCTV camera you’re looking for at most decent CCTV camera price in Bangladesh.

Although IP cameras are taking over the market, CCTV camera usage can still be found in places where user want an out and out control of the security system exclusively. To be added CCTV camera price in BD may vary based on the external equipment for installation like cables and trenching. You can get some of the best deals from us within convenient CCTV camera price in Bangladesh.

IP camera price in Bangladesh

IP cameras have taken over the field of security cameras in recent years. And why wouldn’t it? The number of options it offers in that little-sized devices are surely very useful and can easily grab user attention. Also, these are cost-effective in comparison to CCTV camera price in BD. However, finding the right one in Bangladesh can be a challenge. If you have no idea about where to look for it for or how much it is going to cost, you have browsed into the right place. The zymak website can provide you with a handful information of IP camera price in BD. And the details of models, features, and specifications are there too. So you would know thoroughly that on what you would be investing your money. There is a wide range of IP camera brands and models out there. We try to provide almost any kind of IP or CCTV camera you might be looking for at the right CCTV/ IP camera price in BD you can find whether the application is indoor or outdoor.

Fixed IP camera price in Bangladesh

Fixed IP camera is a good pick for a specific limited space. Once these cameras are fixed, it will stay in that position. The visible video of that area is very clear. Variety of models are available in this kind camera which can perform well even in the most difficult lighting conditions. There are models available in features like wide angle, remote zoom lenses, autofocus, advanced color lights, mechanical IR cut filter for low light etc. Fixed cameras are available in dome models as well, where the camera is fixed inside a dome. The setup is typically small and discreet providing an unobtrusive surveillance.

Fixed IP cameras are hassle free to install and barely needs any maintenance. It’s a good choice for comparatively small and specific area video security setups. With fixed system, it provides more clear videos with more details. Fixed IP camera price in Bangladesh is pretty much usual like other models. It will be a fruitful choice if you are thinking about securing a specific small space.

Wireless IP camera price in Bangladesh

The most flexible variety of IP cameras would probably be wireless IP camera. Wires are not needed in its installation so it can be moved to wherever security is needed. This one feature would give any model of IP camera plenty of advantages. It does not need a wire to connect. Rather most of them are fixed with an antenna. They use a computer network or internet to send and receive data.

Wireless IP cameras can be used in both professional places and residential securities. And since it is easily installed, it can be of great use if one is just looking for a temporary video security setup for any particular place. It is also of great use for spying and surveillance.

Wireless IP cameras commonly use WIFI based broadband services. It can be used in public surveillance system like local area or street traffic points or places where wiring cables for video security setups are difficult, like stadium, museums, heritage buildings, industrial plants etc. while looking for wireless IP camera price in BD, it is useful to bear in mind that the wireless advantage is cost effective too. Since no fixed monitors, cables, trenching is needed in its installation. Wireless IP cameras would be a smart investment for any kind of video security setups.


Indoor IP camera price in Bangladesh

Another useful type of IP cameras with handful usages is Indoor IP cameras. These are mostly fitted for home, retail or super shop kind environment. Video security system might sound like a workplace security system but since IP camera price in BD is reducing with time and as the advances of technology have made video surveillance systems more affordable, indoor places like residences or residential areas now use them as well. A home security system which can be accessible from any computer or television from anywhere.

A visible security system from outside might give the bad guys a second thought about breaking into your place. This would save you any potential damage that could have been possible. It can also be used to detect a fugitive’s face or even to retrieve stolen goods. A good quality camera would be needed for detecting faces. One can keep an eye on the kids or elderly members or even pets to check up on. It can also help to monitor any private property. For home or indoor securities, these would definitely be a worthy investment.

Outdoor IP camera price in Bangladesh

Outdoor camera models are normally sturdy. These are basically designed to withstand the diligence of outdoor use. Often these are even housed in a casing in order to discourage easy removal. Outdoor specialized IP camera models are mostly encased in a weatherproof cover that protects it against water, dust, moisture, wind and other hazards. Many also equipped with day and night functionality. Price of IP camera in Bangladesh used in outdoors may vary from the indoor ones. Zymak BD can provide these at reasonable prices.

IR night vision IP camera price in Bangladesh

When relying on a security camera, we tend to pretty much expect it to work 24/7 day and night thoroughly. Recording videos at daytime is far more effective than night time for obvious reasons. IR night vision IP cameras can record videos in low light and even in complete darkness using near infrared (IR) light. This light is undetectable to human eyes. Many IP cameras have built-in IR illuminators. This improves camera’s night video quality producing full-color videos of day time and black & white videos of night time.

PTZ IP camera price in BD

PTZ pan/tilt/zoom is obvious advantages of IP cameras. PTZ IP cameras provide a wide range of benefits in various security applications. It also comes in dome models. It plays important roles in middle and big scale video surveillance system. It allows the user to set up to hundreds of presets and arrange these in a specific order. It is mostly used in huge area surveillance system. These are commonly used in malls, or big shops, jewelers etc. The dome PTZ models are bigger than their traditional size and equipped with big and powerful zoom lenses. These are powerful and more functional than other IP cameras. Most of the PTZ cameras are built in heavy-duty metal housing design which ensures its long-term durable performance. With versatile features, it’s best to recommend for high profile video security systems.

When it’s about securing your valuable things, security cameras provide an extra comfort in ensuring security. Zymak BD has been helping in providing this comfort for long time. We house a huge collection for user convenience. So if you are thinking about purchasing IP or CCTV cameras at a reasonable price, you can check out at our website or you can come down to our store in Dhanmondi. We would be delighted to help you pick the right one at convenient prices.