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Virtual gaming has been a part of our lives for decades, and it has taken a new turn since the covid-19 outbreak. Kids are in search of new ways to continue their gaming regime within four walls. As the home-gaming routine is pursued to become a norm, gaming speakers are getting increasingly popular. If you don’t want to play without audibility or aren’t particularly desire a home-theater effect, gaming speakers would be a feasible alternative.

Choosing the accurate gaming speakers as per your space can be overwhelming, chiefly if you’re a newbie. Organizing a home-based gaming setup doesn’t mean you’ve to hit pavements for a strenuous turn, using professional speakers is a unique way to enhance the overall appearance of your room as well. Also, it’s less impactful and quite easy to use for every age group.  A rgb gaming speaker mimics the motion of being physically present in a theater room, making it an exciting live experience.

The presence of quality rgb speakers can take a virtual game to next level, providing you the chance of noticing significant audio cues. Undoubtedly, versatile picturesque phrasings attract games, but there’s so much more experience than glimpsing, and what you hear is equally important.

There are numerous options available when it comes to modern gaming speakers, and all of them arrive in different shapes and sizes. Modern RGB gaming speaker sets come equipped with the brightened RGB lighting that creates a theme and creates a peaceful environment to play in. RGB lighting on gaming speakers don’t highlight as much as with other devices, but specifications are modifying rapidly.

Gaming speakers vs. Gaming Headset:

Wearing a headset while staying on a virtual battlefield can be exhilarating, it quarantines the gamer from the external world and provides a great isolation period. The delightful blend of a virtual game with good quality audio makes an excellent combination.

On the contrary, any set of speakers can mechanically work as gaming speakers, but certain features differentiate them from others.  Primarily, the most significant requirement is quality audio, which already discounts the inexpensive options you’ll find onboard. The most evident property that differentiates gaming speakers from the normal ones is aesthetics, and the ability to get fit in the available space.

While headphones have become a norm for virtual gaming, speakers still occupy their stage. Gaming speakers come in handy when multiple individuals are playing or you just want to keep your head free. Regardless of your preferences, there are plenty of gaming speakers available with exceptional features. Similar to the other PC gaming accessories, you can opt for the RGB gaming speakers to brighten up your space.

Being able to comfortably sit back on the couch and let the amazing sounds penetrate your ears is surely an intoxicating feeling, and only a great set of gaming speakers can blow life into this experience.

Our top 10 picks of gaming speakers in bd

Top 10 RGB Computer Gaming Speakers:

Great audio is of pivotal importance for an immersive gaming experience. It drowns out distracting noises and takes you to the world of tolerant amusement. All the environmental noise vanishes and the sounds of battlefield gunshots become prominent.

If you’re considering purchasing a powerful and user-friendly gaming speaker for your home-based theater, then this guide is specifically made for you. Below, we’ve listed the top 10 companies dealing in gaming speakers with great excellence. Our list is based on various attractive factors, including the rates, specifications, quality of an audio system, and above all, the former customer reviews. For additional convenience, we’ve only listed the products with no or lesser customer complaints so you won’t be regretting your decision. You’re allowed to opt for the speakers that suit you and your system the best.

logitech g560 gaming speaker rgb lighting real effect at night

  1. Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers:

Logitech is one of the most prestigious brands available out there, primarily because of its amazing gaming peripheral offerings, and budget-friendliness.

If you’re searching for rgb gaming speakers under a low budget, this brand should be your utmost priority. The speakers arrive with built-in RGB lighting and a quality sound system of 240 Watts which is enough to outshine any other gaming speaker. The unique design of this product appears to be magnificent and the controllable RGB lighting makes it look even more appealing. Although these gaming speakers are specifically designed for PC, they permit USB and Bluetooth connectivity in case of connecting with other devices.


* Availability of RGB lighting feature.

* Offers a 1-year warranty.

* Allows USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

* Quality sound system


* Mac users can’t take benefit of these gaming speakers.

* Expensive.


* Logitech G560 rgb gaming speaker price in India starts from 8,999 INR.

* Logitech G560 rgb gaming speaker price in the USA varies from $245.70 to $33.98.

* Logitech G560 rgb gaming speaker price in Bangladesh starts from 20,900 Bangladeshi Taka.

Razer Nommo Chroma RGB Speakers Price In Bangladesh

  1. Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers:

When it comes to premium gaming rgb speakers, no brand can beat Razer as they have maintained a reputation with consistency for decades. Optimized with extreme clarity and the best drivers’ configuration, these speakers offer exceptional stereo sound output. The audio quality is highly satisfying since the product produces a wide range of frequencies permitting you to hear even the gory details quite sharply and clearly.

Since the drivers are located at the front side, the rear-firing ports serve well. Also, you’re given an adjustment and a volume knob to adjust the sound according to your preferences. Besides this, Razer includes the tool RGB in all of their products, and you’ll surely find that entertaining. However, it doesn’t acquire a wireless connectivity option, but a 3.5mm jack and a USB connection are present.


* Availability of RGB lighting.

* Offers a USB connection and a 3.5mm jack.

* Provides a two-year-long warranty.


* Could be a little louder and disturbing.


* Razer Nommo Chroma gaming speaker price in India starts from 12.250 INR.

* Razer Nommo Chroma gaming speaker price in the USA varies from $96.63 to $149.99.

* Razer Nommo Chroma gaming speaker price in Bangladesh starts from 12,500 Bangladeshi Taka.

Redgragon Speaker Gaming Design With Six Lighting Modes

  1. Redragon GS520 Gaming Speakers:

Redragon has occupied a popular space in the market for the last few years because of its valuable offerings for gaming speakers. These are fairly huge-sized gaming speakers that might require extensive space on your desk. With the availability of RGB lighting and six different light modes, there’s no compromise on designing and aesthetics. The brushed metal finish not only makes them appear superior but also the best durable rgb gaming speakers out there. Last but not the least, each driver serves a crisp 3W output which is ideal for gaming sessions.


* Attractive design.

* Easy to control.

* Versatile body.

* Adjustable volume.


* Huge.


* Redragon GS520 gaming speaker price in Pakistan starts from 3,199 PKR.

* Redragon GS520 gaming speaker price in the USA starts from $46.99.

* Redragon GS520 gaming speaker price in Bangladesh is currently 1,950 Bangladeshi Taka.

  1. Gogroove BassPULSE Gaming Speaker:

Your PC is your gaming area, Movie Theater, and private concert hall. Unfortunately, they leave so much to be desired when it comes to a quality audio experience. With Gogroove BassPulse gaming speakers, your entertainment comes to life with dynamic highs and powerful bass.

This gaming speaker comes equipped with a 2.1 audio that’s ideal for every system. The speaker units are assembled with glass panels through which light pulses along with the music beats. The pair includes two satellites speakers with a 5watt output and a powerful subwoofer producing a peak 40Watt output from the entire system. It is quite easy to control the subwoofers and allows you to adjust the sound accordingly.


* Attractive lighting effects.

* Affordable.

* Easy to set up.

* Comes with a 3-years long warranty.


* Single colored lighting.

* Sensitive body.


* Gogroove BassPulse gaming speaker price in Pakistan varies from 15,868 to 26,500 PKR.

* Gogroove BassPulse gaming speaker price in the USA starts from $69.99.

* Gogroove BassPulse gaming speaker price in India starts from 11,449 INR.

Bose High Power Gaming Speaker 15 Watt

  1. Bose Companion 2 Series III:

Are you worried about your limited space, but still want to provide a decent upgrade to your desk? Look o further than the Bose Companion gaming speakers. This product suits well to everyone because of its space-friendliness and smaller footprints. The speakers are equipped with a power output of around 15-20Watts. Despite the absence of subwoofers, these gaming speakers provide high-quality sound with clarity. Also, the availability of a volume knob makes it utterly controllable. In case you don’t feel like disturbing the surroundings with sounds, there’s a mini-audio jack though which you can connect hands-free.


* Budget-friendly.

* Occupies minimal space.

* Light-weighted.


* Lack of Bluetooth connectivity.


* Bose Companion 2 gaming speaker price in India starts from 8,438 INR.

* Bose Companion 2 gaming speaker price in the USA is currently $14,900.

* Bose Companion 2 gaming speaker price in Bangladesh starts from 16,500 Bangladeshi Taka.

  1. Cyber Acoustics Gaming Speakers:

If you’re on a budget, the Cyber Acoustics gaming speaker will get along with your pocket magically. With a price tag of $49.99, these speakers manage to suit your requirement with a high-end mechanism. The RGB covers the gaming speakers on both sides and the subwoofer easily modifies the shades according to your preferences.

With a 3.5mm wire, setting up these rgb speakers and pairing them via Bluetooth is quite easy. The system is utterly controllable and allows you to alter the volume and color patterns.


* Bluetooth connectivity.

* Inexpensive product.

* Multiple color patterns.


* Heavy-weighted.

* Space consuming.


* Cyber acoustic gaming speaker price in India starts from 8,358 INR.

* Cyber Acoustic gaming speaker price in the USA varies from $39.99 to $49.99.

* Cyber acoustic gaming speaker price in Bangladesh starts from 3,500 Bangladeshi Taka.

  1. SUDOTACK Computer Gaming Speakers:

These computer gaming speakers from SUDOTACK make a good choice, especially if you’re on a budget. The 10Watt gaming speakers are specifically designed for laptops and PCs. Similar to the others, these speakers contain dual drivers, passive radiators, and reflective LED lights with backlit modes in multiple colors. Moreover, there’s a 3.5mm hands-free jack available.


* Provides RGB lighting.

* Easy to set up.

* Availability of multiple color shades.

* Quality sound system.


* Difficult to carry.


* SUDOTACK computer gaming speaker price in India starts from 3,374 INR.

* SUDOTACK computer gaming speaker price in the USA starts from $32.89.

* SUDOTACK computer gaming speaker price in Pakistan starts from 7,062 PKR.

  1. Harman Kardon Soundstick Gaming Speakers:

Speakers aimed at the audiophiles or gamers are universally LED affairs, but this set of gaming speakers from Harman offers a sleek sci-fi look. With the support of two 1.4 inches, satellite speakers and a 5.25 inches downward subwoofer, this pair provide more than enough audio to fill an entire room. The jellyfish kind of structure of the subwoofer will enhance your gaming experience.

We can expect a clear and crisp sound from these speakers, but what justifies the price tag is its striking design. The product works through a strong Bluetooth connection that can cover feet apart.


* Impressive design.

* Quality sound system.

* Budget-friendly.

* Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

* Enhance the aesthetics.


* Having a sensitive or breakable body.


* Harman Kardon Soundstick Gaming Speakers price in India starts from 25,999 INR.

* Harman Kardon Soundstick Gaming Speakers price in the USA starts from $199.99.

* Harman Kardon Soundstick Gaming Speakers price in Bangladesh starts from 21,900 Bangladeshi Taka.

  1. Razer Nommo Pro Gaming Speakers:

If money isn’t a barrier, and you wish to get the best premium RGB gaming speakers on the route, then Razer Nommo Pro would make an ideal choice. The pair of two satellite speakers is a 2.1 setup with the availability of a subwoofer. The setup is ideal for smaller desks. These gaming speakers require very minimal space, and the subtle RGB lighting is a bonus as well, which can be customized through a smartphone application.


* Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

* Consumes less space.

* Inexpensive as compared to other brands.

* User-friendly.


* Appears to be slightly old-fashioned.


* Razer Nommo Pro RGB Gaming Speakers price in India starts from 7,699 INR.

* Razer Nommo Pro RGB Gaming Speakers price in the USA starts from $494.61.

* Razer Nommo Pro RGB Gaming Speakers price in Bangladesh starts from 46,500 Bangladesh Taka.

Edifier Speakers Dynamic Range HD Sound

  1. Edifer E25 Luna Eclipse HD Gaming Speakers:

Exceptional gaming speakers require doing more than just to be loud, they need a certain range to take you to another universe. Whether you’re on a virtual battlefield dodging shells or holding your laugh during a comedy movie, every bit of the sound adds to the arras of the experience.

Edifer has emerged with yet another phenomenal creation. With the E25 edition, they have provided an impeccable Bluetooth speaker, and a smooth finish to transform the beauty of your desk. Equipped with Dynamic Range Compression, and Digital Signal Processing, these gaming speakers bring you closer to the virtual characters.


* Provides realistic theater feels.

* Bluetooth connectivity.

* Light-weighted and attractive body.


* Limited Specifications.


* Edifer E25 Luna Eclipse HD Gaming Speakers price in India starts from 23,648 INR.

* Edifer E25 Luna Eclipse HD Gaming Speakers price in the USA varies from $143.33 to $342.31.

* Edifer E25 Luna Eclipse HD Gaming Speakers price in Bangladesh starts from 19,000 Bangladesh Taka

What to look for in Gaming Speakers:

Most gamers opt for a decent pair of hands-free during a virtual gaming session. This selection only goes well when you’re playing alone, but when your friends come over for a night out, the real trouble begins. In such a case, the need for gaming speakers increases as for entertaining everyone else inside a room.

The size of your gaming room determines the availability of space for the gaming speakers. For instance, a studio apartment allows a 2.1 stereo, as opposed to a 5.1 system. Furthermore, you’ll have to examine the specifications of your system that whether it can handle the gaming speaker you’ve selected.

Previously, older versions of PCs weren’t designed to accept anything higher than 2.1 channels, so you might have to check if your PC’s sound card is compatible with the stereo system. If not, you’ll have to pay extra attention to the harmony of the system and the chosen gaming speakers you desire before deciding to purchase

Getting the right pair of gaming speakers that suits your space and preferences means that you can begin to improve your home-based virtual gaming sessions without worrying about ear strain, or aggravating any former internal injuries, and it is vital to choose the accurate one to avoid any future mishaps. With all this high-tech and innovative collection of RGB gaming speakers, we hope that you’ll find your perfect match shortly.