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RGB Casing Fan Price In Bangladesh | Top Picks From Zymak BD

Top Picks of RGB Casing Fans In Bangladesh

Now in the digital era of 2023, computer/pc gaming has become a popular indoor sport. With the growing interest in computer gaming, the Bangladeshi computer market is widely acquired by gaming pc. It’s a passion for every gamer to decorate their gaming pc with lucrative gaming RGB lights and an attractive gaming casing. Gamers always want to bring a gaming look to their pc setup. They also want to change the ambiance of their room to a gaming atmosphere. A gaming casing is incomplete without an RGB Casing Fan. Most of the Gaming casings can often hold at least five RGB Fans units. Those with a limited budget usually install 2 to 3 RGB fans. But the high-end gamers with no budget issues can be seen installing even more RGB fans in their casing. Some gamers also install liquid cooling systems for effective cooling. RGB Fans are not just available for the casing but also for the CPU/processor unit. Some gamers can be seen changing their original CPU Fan with gaming design RGB processor cooling fans. Processor Cooling Fans can have high-quality copper heat sinks and blazing-fast Fan RPM Speeds.

Types of RGB Fans

Static Lighting Mode RGB Casing Fan For Gaming PC

Static Mode RGB Lighting Fan

Static Mode RGB fans are the most common RGB fans in BD. There are also the cheapest options for building a gaming casing. A Static Mode 120mm /12 cm RGB fan can cost only 200-300 taka in Bangladesh. These casing fans only have a single RGB lighting mode with no other lighting modes.

Auto Colour Changing RGB Fans Price In Bangladesh

Auto Color Changing RGB Fan

Upgrading from Static RGB Fans, you can buy auto color-changing RGB fans. These RGB fans have multiple lighting modes with an automatic lighting mode switching feature. Usually, if there is a single lighting mode then you might get bored seeing the same look but this is not the case for auto color changing RGB fan. Because these fans switch the lighting modes automatically after every few minutes and you can see a different gaming look every time you look at your casing.

Remote Control RGB Casing Fan With ARGB Function

Remote Control RGB Casing Fans and ARGB Fans

Among the RGB Fans In Bangladesh, the remote control RGB casing fans and ARGB fans are the favorite choices for gamers. This is because these fans have addressable RGB lights and users have the total freedom to choose any lighting mode they like. These fans are usually controlled using IR Remote Controllers. Sometimes these ARGB Fans can also be controlled directly from the windows system using Asus aura sync, MSI mystic light, gigabyte RGB fusion, or some other software.

RGB Casing Fans | A Decoration Item or Necessity?

Some beginners may think of RGB Casing Fans as an item only used for decorating the CPU casing. But it’s completely a myth. RGB Casing Fans can increase the cooling ability of your casing, keeping the CPU operational temperatures low and increasing the efficiency of your computer’s performance. We all know heat can be a barrier for computer speed. Also while playing high-resolution games your computer may overheat and permanent damage can occur to the pc components. So RGB Casing fans can prevent your computer from overheating and increase the longevity of the parts inside.

What is the Price of Casing Fans and RGB Fans In Bangladesh

RGB Casing Fans Price in Bangladesh can range from 200 to 9000 TK. The price varies depending on various aspects like brand, fan motor rpm speed, fan diameter/size. fan blades quantity, number of lighting modes etc. Popular rgb fan brand in Bangladesh include Fantech, Corsair, Cooler Master, Antec etc Among these the price of Corsair brand RGB Fans are most expensive and may not fit in everyone’s budget. Not to worry because there are also the lower price brands like The Fantech. Fan tech brand offers RGB Casing Fans at an affordable price range.