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Looking for a suitable projector for crisp, bright, and smooth office presentations? Or want to project family movies, pictures, or games in life-size within the comfort of your home? You’re probably here because you want the best deal on a projector price in bd. Are we right? You need to look no further because you have come to the right place! In Bangladesh, finding a good projector within an optimum price range can be quite tough. More often than not, when you opt for a low-cost projector in Bangladesh, you have to compromise on quality. And this often happens because the dealer who you purchase from is not giving you the right information or the best deal. So how do you know if you are making the right decision? The best way to get out of this dilemma is to do enough research. Look through the specifications of different brands of projectors available. Try to understand the nitty gritties of what they mean. When you are considering buying projectors, for example, you will probably come across terms like lumens, contrast ratio, and chrominance. Once you understand the terminology and what they mean, you will not feel forced into a deal that you don’t want.  And always remember, contrary to common belief, a lower projector price in Bangladesh does not always mean lower quality. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to do a little homework yourself. Coming back to projector prices in Bangladesh in 2024. You will be happy to know that Zymak Bangladesh houses a wide variety of projectors that can fit any budget and any pocket. Want a high-resolution professional LED projector with WiFi and Android compatibility?  Zymak BD can give you the best one. Want a simple projector with the lowest projector price in bd? Zymak BD can give you choices in that category too! In fact, Zymak BD can give you some of the best deals on projector prices in Bangladesh.

What is the price of projectors in Bangladesh in the Year 2024??

As we all know, Bangladesh and the whole world have suffered from the Corona Pandemic situation since the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. Due to this pandemic situation, there was a crisis of semiconductor chips which caused projector prices to rise. There were fewer flights which caused shipping costs to rise too. The price was very unstable in the year 2020 but from the year 2021, as the pandemic situation improved, the price of projectors got back to regular prices. So the year 2021 was the best time for anyone willing to purchase a projector at the best and most competitive price. Now in 2024, the price of projectors in Bangladesh again started to rise, but this time it’s not because of the pandemic issue but of the USD/BDT exchange rate. With the sudden inflation in the dollar rate, all projector prices are affected and all projector prices rose at least 300 to 500 TK.  Luckily projector buyers will not feel the price uplift because although the dollar rate has increased in 2024 the factory price of projectors has decreased. This is because in 2024, many more projector models are released and the projector market is very competitive now. This is the main reason projector factories are now offering high-end projectors at extensively low prices. So, relax and rest assured, the projector price in Bangladesh is not going to rise much in the year 2024.

Special Offer for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the time every football fan would be waiting for. During the month of the FIFA World Cup, projectors and televisions are among the highest-selling products in Bangladesh. Every football fans want to enjoy watching live football matches in big screen. Keeping customers demand in mind, we are planning to launch a special offer for projectors during the world cup season. Offers can include attractive price deductions, free gifts, or even more. So stay with us and don’t forget to keep watching our projector-related videos during the world cup.

Why Do I Need a Projector?

Projectors were originally used to view pictures in large sizes on a wall or a screen. With developments in the moving pictures industry, these were incorporated with projectors and soon advanced enough to allow people to watch full-length movies in life-size. Nowadays, projectors are no more just an entertainment mechanism. They are being increasingly used in offices to project presentations or for sharing briefs during meetings. They are also becoming a staple in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions as an excellent educational tool that attracts attention and ensures student engagement. They prove to be quite beneficial in large auditoriums or during events involving a large audience too. During these events, those sitting at the back may find it difficult to see the stage. A projector with a screen can solve this problem by displaying footage of the stage in real time, so the audience gets a feeling of watching the show upfront. Besides, projectors these days are not mere projectors anymore. They come with a multitude of enhanced features too. For example, there are projectors that consume low power, some with environment-friendly technologies, high-resolution image projectors, or those with an LED lens. Projectors today have come quite far from their original bulky design. Nowadays, you can get lighter-weight projectors with a portable design and built-in speakers too! This makes it easy for you to carry around and you can easily use them to share presentations and videos. With USB ports, you no longer need to fumble with jacks that don’t fit your device’s port.

Classroom Projector Price in Bangladesh 2024

Multimedia Classrooms are now becoming rampant in Bangladesh, so if you own, run or manage a school, and haven’t yet upgraded with the technology, it’s about time you do. A classroom projector serves as an engaging medium that can get students to stay focused and engaged. And to ensure this engagement and focus, it is of utmost importance that the projector works properly. A projector that stops working in the middle of an important discussion can be the cause of much frustration for both the instructor and the students. To avoid this, you should take the time to go through the important technical specifications of the projector to make sure it fits your class’s needs. Here are some of the things you need to look out for:

  • Resolution: This is usually measured in pixels. Essentially, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the image will be. HD projectors provide high-resolution images but are not that necessary for classroom use.
  • Image Contrast Ratio: This basically is a sign of how sharp or crisp the image will be. It is essentially a measure of the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of the image. So the higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the image will be.
  • Brightness: The brightness of a projector is important for two reasons. In a bright environment, you need a projector that is much brighter so that it compensates for the bright ambient light. Secondly, a brighter projector is necessary if you need to cover a larger projection surface. Brightness is measured in lumens, so this is a terminology that you will often come across when purchasing a projector. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the projection lamp.

For your classroom and/or Audio-Visual room, a Multimedia projector, or an HD Mini Projector would be enough. You could also go for a Portable / Pocket Projector if space or portability is an issue.  On average, a projector with a lamp power or brightness of 800 lumens is fine for a well-lit classroom.  As for resolution, a native resolution of at least 800×480 is quite fine. Typically, a good classroom projector will cost you between 9000BDT to 12000BDT.

Business Projector Price in Bangladesh 2024

If your line of work involves regular presentations, then investing in a good projector should be of topmost priority. Any office in this day and age, irrespective of whether it is a startup or a multinational company office, must invest in projectors. The right business projector will make your presentations and meetings much more engaging and professional. A bad projector, however, could have just the opposite effect, especially if you are trying to impress a potential client.  When purchasing a projector for your office, you need to look for aspects that are different from a home projector. For example, entertainment is not of concern there, so you don’t really need super high resolution or multiple types of ports. So, then what should you look for? Here are some pointers:

  • Resolution: There is a lot of jargon relating to projector resolution, like SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768), 1080P (Home Theatre), WXGA (1280 x 720 Widescreen), SVGA (1280 x 1024) or UXGA (1600 x 1200). If your primary focus is using the projector for PowerPoint presentations, then the SVGA resolution will suffice. If the focus is more on displaying numerical data, an XGA would be a better choice. Any resolution higher than this for office purposes is unnecessary unless you really need finer details to be accurately displayed.
  • Brightness: This will depend on the size of your room. A projector of 3000-4000 lumens can create quite enough light to illuminate images without making them look washed out in a large sized conference room. If you need one for larger halls and auditoriums, halls, then you would require 4000 lumens or more.
  • Weight: If your work requires you to carry the projector around a lot or you need to give presentations in different locations, you can go for a mini-projector You can easily get projectors that weigh less than 5 kg. We at Zymak BD would be happy to show you a few from our collection. Click here if you want to know the projector price in bd for these mini projectors.
  • Connectivity: Make sure the projector you buy has ports and cables that connect to the computer or video source that will serve as your input. Sometimes you may require a separate connector cable or adaptor. A USB port usually is enough to connect to most sources. But you might need to check if you need an HDMI or Composite Video port. Some projectors offer WiFi connectivity which might be helpful too.
  • Lamp Life: This is something you really need to look into, because replacement lamps can cost a lot. A non-LED projector usually has a lamp life of 3000 hours. There are some projectors that come with ‘eco-mode’. These allow for extended lamp life and cut down on operating costs. However, an LED lamp would be best as it is designed to never require a lamp replacement. Fortunately, they are also the cheapest priced! We at Zymak BD are the first ever and the chief importer of LED Projectors in Bangladesh. If you want to know LED projector prices in bd, you will find here the best-LED Projectors at the cheapest prices in Bangladesh(BD).

Home Cinema Projector Price in Bangladesh 2024

For gamers and those who love watching movies, a projector gives you a larger screen size for the money compared to a television. As the projector price in Bangladesh has started coming down, more and more people are looking to install projectors in their homes, to get a feel of a theater within the comfort of their living rooms. For home use, a Multimedia Projector would be best. We at Zymak BD can give you the best deals on projector price in bd. Here are some of the aspects you need to look out for when purchasing a projector for your home:

  • Brightness: Home theater projectors usually start from 1000 lumens and can go up 2500 lumens or more. The environment in which you will be viewing can help decide how many lumens your projector needs. If you have controlled or no ambient light in the room, you will not need as much brightness. However, if you wish to use the projector in the daytime with a lot of light coming in through windows, you should go for higher lumen rating. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find projector models that can handle moderate ambient light or even a well-lit room. Dedicated home theaters need 1000 lumens or brighter, while rooms with some ambient light require about 1500 lumens or more. Spaces with high ambient light need about 3000 lumens. Remember, not all organizations in Bangladesh provide the correct lumen rating for the projector. In general projector prices in Bangladesh ranging between 9000BDT to 25000BDT have a good enough lumen rating.
  • Contrast and Colour: Earlier, HDMI cables were used to support just 8-bit color, which did not produce a very attractive image projection. However, DEEP color available with more modern projectors can supply 10 to 16-bit color, which drastically increases the number of shades. So, for a great picture experience, look for projectors that support DEEP color or that are HDMI 1.3a compliant.
  • Connections: Home theater projectors always include HDMI inputs for your satellite box, Blu-ray player or gaming console. However, it should also support other inputs, like an SD card slot, VGA, AV port, USB interface, etc. Audio inputs will let you connect it to the sound system. So, make sure you have the right type and number of input ports on your projector.
  • Throw: This is a measure of the ratio of the size of the image to the distance of the projector from the screen. Look for projectors that can create a large image even from a short distance. For example, the Zymak ZP-150G can give a throw of 100 inches from a distance of only 4 meters.  Click here to find out the projector price in bd of this model.
  • Keystone Correction: Keystone correction helps to keep the image straight and clear when the projector is tilted at an angle. Ensuring this might be a good idea so you get a better movie viewing or gaming experience.

Multimedia Projectors from Zymak would be a great choice for your home as it is both affordable and high in quality. Mini projectors would be a great option for your home and they start from 3500BDT up to 26000BDT. You can check our price list to find out the cheapest Multimedia Projector price in Bangladesh.

What Do We Offer At Zymak BD

At Zymak BD you will find a wide variety of projectors which you can order online or purchase in person. You can enjoy a completely hassle free online shopping experience at our website, and avail of our exclusive offers from time to time.Our products are not just limited to projectors. They span a wide range of projector accessories as well, like projector screens, wireless presenters, etc. So instead of taking your family to the theater, you can now bring the theater to your home! Our projector screens are smooth and provide an excellent canvas for bright and crisp projections. What’s more, they are portable, so you can use them anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors. When you order online, we provide free home delivery and we provide all kinds of support that you might need, including guidance on installation and connectivity. If you want to see for yourself, then come visit our shop and compare models for yourself. We at Zymak BD can provide you with a wide range of brands to choose from. This includes our very own Zymak brand projectors which are both affordable and of excellent quality. We also have HD projectors, LED projectors, 3D projectors, portable projectors, multimedia projectors, pocket projectors, and TV projectors and host a number of world-renowned brands in projectors like Hitachi, EPSON, SONY and many more. Our best sellers are LED projectors. They are really long-lasting and, in fact, have the longest lamp life. Good news is, they also cost the lowest projector costs in Bangladesh 2024. We are also pioneering in the sale of mini projectors in Bangladesh. Here are some of the superstars in our stash of projectors.  There is one for every budget. You can click any of the images to find out the projector price in Bangladesh 2024.  You can also head down to our store located in Dhanmondi to see the products yourself.

Find the latest projector prices in Bangladesh with our price list updated on 25/07/2024 . Check and compare the most current prices at Zymak BD and get the best deal today.