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Presenter | Pointer | Slide Changer | Order Online At The Best Price In Bangladesh

Presentations have become indispensable today in the world of education, research or in any corporation. When you put together lots of brainstorming hours, effort and skill into making a presentation, you would surely want to present it in the best possible way to get fruitful results. No matter how good your presentation is, it will only be valued depending on how you would present it. Even the smallest efforts can give the biggest results. In a presentation, a presenter plays a similar kind of role. Presenter price in Bangladesh is not very much. So, investing in this little device can turn out to be a smart idea.

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It is commonly known as a presenter. But can also be called a pointer, as it helps to point during presentations. The device is mostly wireless and usually designed in small and simple shape. This little thing can do a marvelous job in presenting a presentation. The device is easily operated and can be very handy for any speaker or educator. This gives a speaker the flexibility of moving away from the screen while presenting something which helps to engage with the audience thoroughly. Many come with a laser light pointer to point something specific on the screen. Presenter price in Bangladesh may vary depending on the device’s quality and versatile features. We have been dealing in this field for a long time. Based on our experience and knowledge we can put some independent advice on shopping for these devices. Before buying a presenter or pointer, we would suggest, one should consider three factors.

  • Features: You have to make sure the device carries all the requirements that you would be needing in the presentation.
  • Design: You need to assure yourself that it would be comfortable to carry, works smoothly and easy to use. Complications in using it can affect the presentation and might end up with negative results instead.
  • Support: You have to ensure that that it is working properly with your device.

Presenters come in beautiful shapes and small sizes which can fit into any normal pocket. These tiny devices resemble remotes, pens etc. They may be of other innovative shapes too.

How does it work?

Coming back to presenter price in Bangladesh, this device is of a simple build and is mostly wireless. So, these aren’t very costly. Most of them come with a wireless receiver which works kind of like a wireless USB adapter. And the wireless presenter pointer mostly runs on single or dual battery. Just plugging the wireless receiver to your PC/laptop would enable you to run the device on Presenter View option of your presentation. The presenter covers a specific range of area from the device to which its wireless receiver is connected.

Features of a Typical Presenter

The primary purpose of the speaker while giving a presentation is to attain his/her audience’s attention. In order to do that, your presentation skill has to be catchy. This can be done using the features of a wireless presenter. Although it depends on how you have structured your presentation like, when you would be needing your audience’s attention on you or when you need it on the screen, right timing of sliding keeping related information on the screen that you would talk about, blacking out or minimizing the screen on right time etc. Most of the wireless presenter pointers come with some common options/buttons.

  • Black screen button: This is probably needed at both the start and end of your presentation as you introduce yourself or the topic you are about to present at the beginning, and in the end after summing the whole thing up. It can be also useful in taking intervals or dealing with unwanted interruptions during the presentation. A speaker may black out the screen whenever he or she needs the audience’s attention on him/her too.
  • Next slide/page button: It’s probably the most important button of a presenter pointer device. Most of the presentations are usually slide-based. It can be distracting for the audience if the speaker has to move in front of the screen for sliding or changing pages of the presentation. Using this, the speaker can slide or change pages without distracting the audience from the topic.
  • Previous slide/page button: This does the same job as the next slide/page button, only backward and is equally important in presenting a presentation.
  • Pointer/Laser pointer. This is a very important feature of a presenter pointer device and can be fruitful as well if used correctly. Many wireless presenters have a pointer or laser pointer which uses a laser beam light to point something. The speaker may use it accordingly.
  • Full screen / minimize button. This helps to expand the slide to full screen or minimizing some particular part of the presentation if the speaker needs it that way. Also, the same button can help to minimize the entire thing at the end of a presentation.

These were the most common features of a wireless presenter pointer. Wireless presenter pointer price in Bangladesh may vary depending on the presence of additional or advanced features of different models.

Tips for correct usage of Pointer / Laser pointer

Laser pointer or pointer can be of great use while presenting a presentation. Depending on this feature Presenter pointer price in Bangladesh can vary a little. Using this, the speaker can point or highlight something specific on the screen from a great distance without interrupting the screen. Like if the speaker wants to point out a number or a specific line or chart from the page, this feature is of great use. But a speaker has to be careful in using this. Like turning it off at the right time so the audience doesn’t get distracted and if using the laser pointer, it should be carefully directed. If one is not good or comfortable in using it, he/she can use arrows or enlarged font size to highlight the point.

Presenter price in Bangladesh is usually in the range of 800BDT-2000BDT. But it, of course, depends on the device. Zymak houses a handful collection of wireless presenters along with other projector accessories. You can check out wireless presenter pointer price in Bangladesh in our website or you’re welcome to come down to our store in Dhanmondi to pick up the best presenter at the most reasonable presenter pointer price in Bangladesh to up your professional game.