Fingerprint Vault Zymak ML-350F Latest Model of 2023

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Zymak Electronics, Shop No: 126, Ground Floor, Concord Arcadia Shopping Mall, Science Lab, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Zymak ML-350F Affordable Value For Price Fingerprint Vault

Shinduk vs Zymak Ml-350F Fingerprint Vault

An introduction to the fingerprint vault technology

In the new era of technological advancement, the market of digital lockers are now over taken by fingerprint lockers/vaults. The industry of the vaults first started with manual key locks which is commonly known as shinduk in Bangladesh. Then with growing technology and science, the manual key locks were replaced with digital/pin locks. After the invention of the Digital Lockers, this technology dominated the market for a long time and still now it is a popular choice among the buyers of locker. But after release of fingerprint lockers, the sales of digital safes are narrowing down and the biometric/fingerprint technology vault is leading the market. This is mainly because the fingerprint locks are highly secured and also easier to operate.

Why ML-350F locker can be your best choice to purchase?

ML-350F Fingerprint Plus Digital Vault is the latest model of Zymak Digital Locker House. It comes with tons of features but has a low price tag making it the best value for the price. It has a fingerprint/biometric lock, digital lock, and key lock. The dimensions of this locker are 380*350*320 mm (Height x Width x Depth) and it weighs around 19 KG. The Interior of the ML-350F locker is carpeted with eye-catching pu leather and it has a height-adjustable and detachable shelf inside. On the outside it has a premium quality brushed metallic knob with a mirror shine black front panel. The locker is available in two colors, black and white. If you are looking for a medium-sized locker for your home or office, then the ML-350F fingerprint vault is surely the best thing you can invest in.



  • 5 Years Replacement Warranty For Lock And 3 Years Replacement Warranty For Panel
  • ML-350F ( Latest Model of Year 2023 )
  • Brand: Zymak
  • Dimensions: 380*350*320 ( Height X Width X Depth )
  • Weight: 19 KG
  • Installation: You can attach it to any wall, floor, or cabinet. It has 2 drill holes at the back. So no one can take the locker.
  • No of Bolts: 4 Bolts
  • Door Thickness: 6mm
  • Lock Options:  Fingerprint / Digital / Key
  • Master Key: It also has master key for emergency situations. So you can unlock the locker even if the user forgets the password or if the fingerprint user is not there.
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