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What is a mini pc?

A mini pc is a mini size computer will all the functions of a usual computer. Because of the small size, a mini pc is also known as a pocket computer or pocket pc. A pocket pc is so small that it can fit in you pocket. One of the most popular pocket computer in Bangladesh is, the Intel Compute Stick, that is designed and manufactured by Microsoft. Some people think that mini pc can lack in performance. But they are wrong, actually there are several types of mini pc in Bangladesh. Each have different hardware and performance benchmarks. So, some mini pc are having high specs and some are having low specs.

Types of Mini PC

Box Shaped
A box shape mini pc with Windows operating system is known as windows tv box. Some of the common examples are Intel NUC, Beelink Z83ii, Wintel CX-W8 etc. Again, a box shape mini pc with Android operating system is known as android tv box.

Dongle/Stick Shape
A dongle shaped mini pc is known as a pocket pc or pocket computer. This type of computers can be kept in your pocket and so you can carry these while on the go. Intel compute stick is the best among these. Some customers usually fear that the Intel compute stick can become overheated if it is used continuously. But there is nothing to worry about, as the intel compute stick adopts the pure copper induction heat sink. The heat is rapidly absorbed from the pocket computer and dispatched by the small built-in fan.

Price of Mini PC In Bangladesh

Mini PC is not very popular in Bangladesh. So some sellers often sell it at a high price in Bangladesh. But at Zymak BD, you will get mini pc at a reasonable price. You can also compare our price with the other vendors by doing a quick search on the internet. A few years ago, the price of a mini pc was much higher than a normal computer but now the price of mini pc and a normal computer are quite similar. So why not buy a mini pc today? You can order online from our website or visit our shop.

Why you should buy from Zymak BD?

We are not any reseller, in fact we are an importer of computer accessories and electronics. So we can provide you the best price in Bangladesh. We can also provide the best warranty support and fast shipping. We can deliver all over Bangladesh within 48 hours and we can deliver to Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet within 24 hours.