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What is a microphone and how it works?

A microphone is a device that converts sound waves to digital signals. Thus making it able to be transmit to any place and it also enables recording and storing the media for future needs. In any kind of voice communication the microphone is a must. Microphone is used for voice chatting, ip phone, telephone, mobile and many more. It is also used for music / studio recording and also for seminar/speech.

Types of microphones

There are various types of microphones. Among these, mainly two types of microphones are popular in Bangladesh. One is the clip on microphone and another one is condenser microphone. Depending on the purpose , both the microphones are used. In the article below, we shall discuss briefly about the two types of microphones and their usage.

Clip On Microphone

The name clip on microphone comes from its design. In short, a clip on microphone is a microphone that has a clip attached to it. These types of microphones are usually very small in size and because of the clip, you can attach it to the collar of your shirt or your tie. It is mainly used in lectures, speech, presentations and seminars. It can also be used for audio recording and music recording. But, the clip on microphones usually do not have special technologies like echo cancellation or sound condenser aned so these microphones are not usually used for professional audio recording or music recording. The price of a clip on microphone in Bangladesh is quite cheap. The price starts from 150 Taka and the average price of a clip on microphone in bd market is about 350 taka. Among this type of microphones, the Boya Microphones are very popular and also have a high price tag. Boya microphone is the only clip on microphone to adapt the echo cancellation and sound condenser technology. Boya is a renowned microphone brand of china and it has been dominating the worldwide microphone market for many years. Because of the premium quality and high tech design this brand stands apart from the other microphone brands available in the market.

Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphones are among the most popular microphones that is used by professionals. A condenser microphone is able to capture a wide range of frequencies and so we can get each and every sound details in the recording. This reduces the audio data loss and results in an accurate audio recording. This type of microphones are usually expensive and bigger in size. A Condenser microphone can follow the sound waves more accurately and provide superior sound quality. So, these microphones are used by recording studio, audio composers, dj, musician, youtubers and many more. Among all the condenser microphones in Bangladesh, the BM800 and the BM-100FX are the most popular ones. The price of a BM800 condenser microphone ranges from 2000 taka to 4500 taka and the price of BM100FX microphone ranges from 2500 taka to 5000 taka.