LED Bag With Wi-Fi And Mobile App Control Model RHX-11

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Buy RHX-11 LED Bag In BD: Review, Specifications and Price

The RHX-11 is a budget-friendly LED Bag in Bangladesh that bag offers excellent value for its specifications. In this article, we will review the RX-11 LED Bag and its price in BD. This bag features a high-resolution LED display of 64*64 pixels producing a resolution of 4096 pixels. The display is illuminated with powerful LED lights offering high brightness both during the daytime and at night. You can install the RHX Plus app on your mobile, tablet, or PC and customize the display panel of this LED backpack. The connectivity is super easy because the RXH-11 LED Bag has its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Just install the app, connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the bag and you are all set.

The RHX-11 LED bag measures 45*35*15 cm and weighs around 1.2 KG. It is manufactured from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring the safety of the valuables inside. The outer material of this bag is made from water-repellent fabric, making it suitable for outdoor use during the rainy season. Additionally, the bag has a shockproof interior that protects your belongings from any impact.

The main features of the RHX-11 LED Bag include mobile app control, PC and tablet compatibility, high-brightness LED display visible both during the day and night, and water-repellent outer material. This bag is suitable for bikers, riders, racers, students, promotions, and more.


  • Brand: RHX Plus
  • Model: RHX-11
  • Bag Dimensions: 45*35*15 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 KG
  • Mobile App Control: Customize text, GIF animations, or photos
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Illuminated LED Display Panel: 64*64 (4096) LED
  • Shockproof Interior
  • High Brightness LED: Visible both during the day and night
  • Water-Repellent Outer Material
  • Suitable for: Bikers, Riders, Racers, Students, Promotions, etc
  • Can be Powered by any 5V 2A power bank.


RHX-11 LED Bag Price In Bangladesh

RHX-11 LED Bag Price In Bangladesh can range from 9500 BDT to 12000 Taka. It is available in various malls and popular online shops like Daraz, BD Stall, BD Shop, and Apple Gadgets BD. Among all the vendors of LED Bags in BD, our price is quite affordable and budget-friendly. We are selling this amazing LED Bag for a price of only 9500 Taka. You can compare our price with the other e-commerce sites. We are confident about our pricing and believe that our competitive pricing will encourage you to shop from us. You might be wondering why and how Zymak BD offers the RHX11 LED Bag at such a low price. Well, the answer is simple, all the products listed in our website are imported by us and we do not source any product from other importers. So we can offer the best prices while also maintaining the quality. Moreover, we believe in the theory of low profit and high sales, so we usually keep our profit margins low and focus on making high sales volume.

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    Excellent Product. One of my favourite purchases of all time.

    Miraz Hossain