Original HP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard GK400F With RGB Lighting

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HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The best gaming keyboard can amazingly affect how your game. Pick a responsive, dependable, and potentially RGB-put load up, and you’ll partake in your PC time that piece all the more as well. Toss in some great media controls, volume wheels, keycaps, excellent lighting choices, and even substitution switches, and your fingers are in for a genuine treat. Besides your gaming mouse, you’ll interface with your gaming console more than some other piece of equipment around your work area, so it pays to hit the nail on the head.

Since inclinations shift from gamer to gamer, there’s nothing called a one-size-fits-all gaming console. The number of choices you have these days for gaming consoles can feel overpowering. Indeed, even console switches come in all tones and types, so you should look into the best mechanical console switches before making a beeline for the checkout.

Beneath, we’ve selected the best gaming keyboard to oblige most gamers’ specific requirements and needs. We likewise tried out the best modest gaming keyboard that won’t irritate your ledger, assuming these decisions are somewhat out of your value range.

One of the finest Gaming Keyboards is the HP gk400f keyboard. In the following segments, let’s know more about the HP gk400f keyboard price in Bangladesh.

HP GK400F Real Mechanical Keyboard For Gamers

HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Key features

GK400K Mechanical gaming Keyboard is powered by one of the most trusted brands of many countries, including Bangladesh. HP’s GK4200F is a perfectly curated keyboard meant solely for gaming, and its connection type is USB and is fully wired. The number of keys in GK400F is 104, and its press button life extends to 50 million presses.

Now let’s see the amount of power consumption that GK400F has: 

The rated Voltage or current of the HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is DC5V/<200mA. Both Windows and Mac users can efficiently operate the  HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Specifically, Win 2000, XP, Vista,7,8,10/MAC OS users can opt for this keyboard. Lastly, the cable length of the HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is 1.6M (PVC Cable).  The HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard size is 435mm x 125mm x 35.5mm.

Other Specifications of HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a stylish design with a composite metal panel that is entirely anti-rust and scratch-resistant. With more than 50 million presses and clicks, this keyboard has outdone itself with its competitors. It is highly durable and has a professional and tactical feel to it. A super-smart mode: the intelligent sleep makes the keyboard backlight turn off automatically when the PC goes to sleep or lefty alone. This saves a lot of energy and power.  HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard backlit keycaps glow with not only single-color backlighting but can be changed to multi or rainbow color backlighting. This makes HP GK400F super unique and genuine to its style.

gk400f mechanical keyboard price in bangladesh hp stores

HP gk400f keyboard price in Bangladesh

The HP GK400F Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Price in BD Bangladesh is 2,900৳ in today’s 2021-2022 Market. This GK400F keyboard Manufactured by HP comes with 1 year official hp warranty based. Zymak BD Offers you HP GK400F at 2,400৳, which is likewise in stock now at your nearby showroom. You can also check on Facebook and Instagram For Regular updates and Offer. Online stores like Daraz, also keep HP gk400f keyboard mechanical keyboard for gaming. The prices may vary in online stores. But what we mentioned is the actual price on which HP gk400f keyboard mechanical keyboard is sold in Bangladesh. Check out youtube videos and other reviews to get more clarified prices and ratings.

Reasons to get a gaming keyboard like HP gk400f keyboard

Gaming becomes comfortable:

While games might have become substantially more relaxed cordial as of late, the best games still frequently require rather long play meetings. Contemplate your ordinary MMO. Indeed, even the most relaxed cordial MMORPGs require over 20 minutes of your time. They might need a couple of hours here and there, particularly assuming that you are handling end-game substance with an enormous gathering.

A gaming console ordinarily includes regular, divided, mechanical keys that are not difficult to use for longer timeframes. What’s more, the state of the console is generally made to accommodate your hands impeccably, so you can utilize your console for longer stretches without harming your hands and wrists.

Speed is unbeatable:

Most gaming consoles include mechanical keys rather than the layer consoles out there. The keys on these consoles are simpler to press and frequently don’t need to be squeezed with as much power as different consoles, and this implies you can type a lot quicker on it contrasted with various keyboards.

Assuming that you are playing a game, you will actually want to move your person without breaking a sweat contrasted with the other console. Since it’s more straightforward, you will not experience the ill effects of weariness while you’re playing, and you will want to take every one of your actions a lot quicker. At times in games, milliseconds matter, and you can undoubtedly acquire a couple of milliseconds in the event that you utilize a mechanical console.


While this doesn’t have any significant bearing on each console advertised for gamers, there are many gaming consoles out there that accompany custom control cushions on the left-hand side of the console. These controls emulate the WASD keys and the keys encompassing them into a custom control cushion. These custom keys make it more straightforward for you to control your characters in-game. Better control generally converts into better reaction time while you play. That implies you will be faster to the draw whether you are going toward the AI or another player while partaking in your beloved PC game.

rgb backlight lighting keycaps


First, how about we simply move this – backdrop illuminations are cool – RGB FTW! Console backdrop illuminations, particularly on gaming consoles, regularly highlight multi-hued backdrop illuminations that you can modify yourself. They look fantastic, and that makes gaming much more fun.

Yet, past this reality, backdrop illuminations truly do fill a need. Backdrop illuminations permit you to game in a wide range of lighting. At the point when I game, I frequently appreciate turning down the lights in the room and playing in obscurity. This is actually fun when you are playing a game of the ghastliness kind. You can genuinely permit yourself to be sucked into the game if you turn down the lights. Yet, it would be best if you actually saw what you are doing, and that is where the backdrop illumination becomes possibly the most crucial factor. Regardless of shading, it could be, a backdrop illumination will help you see what you are doing in obscurity so you can partake in your games in a wide range of lighting.

Wrapping Up:

While a decent gaming console won’t ever be just about as significant as the specs of your gaming PC, it can give you a slight edge over different players. It will make your gaming experience substantially more fun. Assuming you are searching for any available way to work on your exhibition while you play the most recent gaming titles, then, at that point, think about a gaming console. I accept it could mean the contrast between progress and disappointment in the severe domain of computer games.

Furthermore, nowadays, there is no short stock of what one should seriously think about a “gaming keyboard,” making it more reasonable than any time in recent memory to get your hands on a console that flaunts what one should seriously think about gaming elements and more at a friendly expense. Also finally, peripherals regularly come down to client inclination, so eventually, get what is important most to you, your solace, and what games you play.

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