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Gaming Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s electronic market floods with computers and gaming accessories. It needs you to be on top of your game to get the best device. Depending on your budget, taste, and preferences, you can get a gaming mouse that will give you optimum performance for a very long time. If you consider gaming mouse price in Bangladesh, the following list of some of the top performers.

Havit Gamenote HV-MS1001 RGB Backlit Programmable Gaming Mouse

If you consider the affordability in the price of a gaming mouse in BD, this must be your number one mouse. It is one of the top performer RGB mice yet is considerably affordable. The device features the Avago 3050 optical sensor that you can always adjust between the six DPIs.

The Havit Gamenote HV-MS1001 RGB Backlit mouse comes with seven buttons. You can use these buttons to perform functions that include adjusting the 7 RGB colors. You can also use it to change the DPI, whose programmability depends on the provided software.

Of the seven buttons, two are on the left side, allowing you to assign gaming functions such as grenades, reloading, and commanding voice to action. It has up to six gears of speed indicator lights with 16 million colorful breathing light effects and a high precision positioning engine. The device is compatible with most operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. So you do not need to worry about its flexibility.

This mouse has an ergonomic shape, which allows it to slope more on the right. This feature is particularly advantageous to right-handed users. The right side has a concave design, which provides room and comfort for the thumb.
Another significant part of this gaming mouse is its anti-slip surface. It perfectly adjusts to palms and allows you long gaming schedules.

The mouse is very affordable in Bangladesh. However, the purchase price is subject to change depending on the shop selling and the place you buy it.


This product from Asus is one of the most comfortable gaming mice you will ever come across. It has an ergonomic design and is lightweight, giving you the utmost comfort and top-speed maneuvering with claws, pam, and fingertip grips.

ASUS TUF M3 features a gaming-grade 7000-DPI optical sensor that allows you pixel-precise tracking and lets you win your battles with ease. It also has two DPI buttons that enable users to adjust on-the-fly sensitivity. It is compatible with Windows 10 and 7.

The device has a backup of 20 million click switches and a specially coated surface for exceptional durability and long service. These compact yet tough devices will withstand anything you put it through from abrasion, friction, and precipitation tests.

If you want to dominate and concur with your opponent in personalized styles, this Aura Sync RGB lighting mouse is your device. The Asus Sync and Rog Armoury II software give you the authority to customize your audio profile, lighting effects color, and many more across the devices. It comes with up to 7 tactile programmable buttons to help you navigate any tough challenge.


Everything about this mouse begins from its appearance and designs. It features a classic that feels comfortable with all hand types and palms. It comes with quality wear-resistant close-skin coating. Its cover has a crystal UV coating that gives it an elegant, smooth finish and protects it from discoloration when exposed to UV radiation.

Along with the durable and long-lasting design, this mouse comes with high quality rated 5 million to give you ages of services. It also has a dedicated back button to provide you with maximum convenience in browser navigations

The second-generation 2.4 GHz comes with up to 1200 DPI that helps you maneuver your games with high precision accuracy and top speed. Its operating range is 10 meters, and the device is highly flexible across operating systems. You can use it on Chrome OS, Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also provides you with flexibility between USB Type C and Micro D adopter if you opt for the USB module.

The device works on the most surface and gives you maximum effectiveness whether you place it on a smoother or rough surface. It comes with a long-lasting built-in 1.5V 40mAh AA battery that lasts more than two weeks when fully charged. The Xiaomi brand is famous for its high-end product and the high price tag that comes with them. However, this one here is an affordable option if you consider the gaming mouse price in BD.

Gigabyte AORUS M2 Mouse

The AORUS M2 Mouse is another affordable RGB mouse with an ambidextrous style that sets it apart from its competitors. It is a top backlit mouse for gamers who want to keep low profiles but maintain high accuracy gaming efficiency in both left and right-handed grips.

It is lightweight and compact in design, allowing you to make quick maneuvers across the gaming platform. This mouse may not be ideal for high-end gaming functions, but it makes a lethal weapon for E-sports gamers.

Gigabyte AORUS M2 Mouse comes with RGB fusion 2.0 to coordinate up to 16.7 million customizable coloring options. You can also customize several lighting effects with other machines other than Aorus. This mouse uses the 32-bit RM processor, enhancing its processing power while lowering its latency.

The fact that this is an RGB mouse allows you to dominate your gaming experience ever in darkness. The AORUS core lighting makes it brighter than other standard RGB devices.

The mouse comes with a DPI switch and a thumb button located at the bottom. These buttons feature Japanese Omron switches. While it does not guarantee you the long service life of 50 million clicks, it gives you a crisp and tactile response on every click.

You can configure any button in this device through the AOREUS Engine to your preferences. After the configuration, the device allows you to save the changes on board and use them anywhere, anytime.

Bottom Line

Gaming mouse price in Bangladesh in the year 2023 is highly unpredictable. However, if you know your way through the market, you can land some affordable options. However, the price will still depend on factors like brand, type of mouse, and the features it supports.

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