LED Backpack From Crelander With Bluetooth Connectivity

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Crelander LED Knight Backpack | A Top Choice for Motorcycle Riders In Bangladesh

Crelander LED Backpack is a popular model among the LED backpacks in Bangladesh and one of the first to enter the BD market. With its stylish design, large storage, and hard shell, this LED backpack is a top choice for anyone looking to buy a LED Backpack in BD. Usually the other led bags and backpacks are quite smaller in size and lack in storage capacities if compared to the Crelander LED Knight Backpack. The Crelander LED Bag measures about 48*36*18 cm and weighs around 1.7 KG. Because of the large size, bike riders can also keep their helmets inside this backpack. Moreover, the bag is made from hard shell material, that can keep the items inside the bag completely safe during the incident of any minor bike accident.

The Crelander Knight LED Backpack has 2x alien eye design LED display and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can control the bag using the LOY LED Bag app. LOY is a popular app for customizing the LED Backpacks. This app allows you to set your desired image, video and text and show it in on the Crelander Bag LED display. Because of the LOY app, this bag is also known as LOY LED Backpack in Bangladesh.


Why the Crelander LED Backpack can be the best choice for motorcycle riding?

There are many reasons for this bag to be one of the top choices for motorcycle riders in Bangladesh. The main reasons include:

Large Storage

Unlike other led bags and backpacks in BD, this bag comes with a large storage capacity allowing bike riders to keep their helmets inside the bag. Usually other led backpacks can only provide space for carrying laptops and clothing but not the helmet. But the Crelander LED Knight Backpack can not only store laptops and clothing but it can also store the helmet at the same time.  Every motorcycle rider has to face the hassle of keeping their helmet and have to worry about the helmet being stolen. So this LED Backpack can reduce their hassle and offer a safe and convenient way to keep their helmets.

Glowing LED Display Panel

The 2x eye-shaped led display on this bag gives it a stylish look while also enhancing motorcycle riding safety during the night. When riding in dark places during the night, there is usually a risk of an accident because others driving in the road might not notice you and hit your motorcycle unintentionally. But the illuminated LED display of the Crelander LED Bag ensures that you are completely visible to others thus reducing the chances of collision.

Durable Hard Shell Material

Motorcycle riding is usually a bit of a risk and no matter how safer your drive there is still a chance of falling from the bike. So the backpack used by a motorcycle rider must be durable and shockproof both from the outside and the inside. Considering this point, the Crelander LED Backpack ranks among the top LED bags In Bangladesh. This bag is made from a durable hard shell material that is not easy to break and the interior of the bag consists of thick cushioning that ensures shock resistance for the items kept inside the bag.

Pros And Cons of the Crelander LED Backpack


  • Strong Built
  • Stylish Design
  • Large Storage


  • Small Size LED Displays
  • No Wi-Fi. Only Bluetooth.
  • High Price.



  • Brand: Crelander
  • Model: Loy LED Backpack
  • Size: 48*36*18 (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mobile App Control
  • 2x LED Display
  • Hard Shell Exterior
  • Shock Resistant Interior With Multiple Compartments
  • Weight: 1.7 KG


Crelander LED Knight Backpack Price In Bangladesh

Crelander LED Knight Backpack price in Bangladesh is usually a bit expensive with an average pricing of 14,500 BDT. It is available in online shopping sites like Shopz BD, Apple Gadgets BD, daraz, Gadget Studio BD. Among all these shopping sites, our price can be considered to be the lowest. Here at Zymak BD, we are selling this popular LED Backpack at a price of only 12,500 Bangladeshi takas. If you are searching for Crelander led backpack or loy led backpack price in Bangladesh, our site can give you a good idea about its price and help you understand the pros and cons of this bag.

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