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Condenser Microphone Price List In Bangladesh

5 things to consider when choosing a Condenser Microphone

Microphones are an important part of studio recording and other situations that require audio capturing. They do not only help in sound amplification but also to record them with clarity.

Different types of microphones exist for different purposes. And one of them is a condenser microphone.

It is crucial to pick the right mic if you are looking for top-quality performance.

In this guide, we will see how to choose a condenser mic best. We also look at the price of a condenser microphone price in Bangladesh.

Understanding condenser microphones

You may have come across a dynamic microphone because they are popular for stage use. This is especially due to its rugged construction.

Condenser microphones, on the other hand, are the preference for studio settings. Main reasons include:

  • A condenser mic is built with a gold-sputtered mylar diaphragm on the capsule. This means they can capture the best quality sounds.
  • There is solid brass with a hole pattern on the backplate. This piece must be drilled with serious precision and precision to offer consistency in sound.

In Britain, they are called capacitor microphones. We can all relate this to our physics classes, where we learned that a capacitor is simply two closely placed metal plates. Capacitance increases with the increase in the proximity of the metals.

A condenser capsule is designed in the same way. It carries a thin membrane closely arranged to a solid metal plate.

The membrane is popularly known as the diaphragm, and it must be an electrical conductor. Hence, gold plated mylar is common.

Sound waves move back and forth when they hit the diaphragm. This changes the distance between the two plates, changing the capacitance according to the waves’ rhythm.

And just like that, the sound is converted into electrical waves.

The capsule signal cannot be connected to the other gear because it too fragile. Its output voltage may be high, but it does not produce any voltage – well, almost.

This is why it calls for an impedance converter. Hence, the capsule is connected to the outside world as the converted makes create more signal current resulting in a more sturdy signal.

Furthermore, a condenser mic requires external power to work. Technology has made it easy to get such power, in that any mic input will get you P48 phantom power.

Things to Consider

When buying a condenser microphone, you must always look for the right item. Understand that there is a wide range of products out there, and not all will be good for you.

Consider the following aspects.

Variations in the pickup patterns

You can select a pickup pattern in many condenser mics. This could be a very crucial consideration based on your room and how you want to use the mic.

The pickup pattern is the field of sound from which the mic is expected to receive the sound.

There are omnidirectional and unidirectional microphones for such use. The omnidirectional mic is most preferred in studios because their mic capsule captures sound even at the front and back.

Such a microphone will be handy if you are looking to record a small group of actors. It will also help if you have a good room and seeking its natural features as keenly as possible.

Cardioid pickup patterns are essentially in the shape of a heart. They will reject any sound from behind if it is set to pick up from the front.

If you are working in a home studio where you may not have the best construction or control, this might just be the ideal solution. Pair it to the baffle behind it, and it will get rid of all unwanted noises in the room.

They give out a great vocal sound even in rooms that are hard to work in.

Effect sensitivity proximity

As stated above, the proximity of the effective sensitivity is crucial to getting the perfect sound output. This should come in handy, especially for those recording any pro voice over, podcasting, or working with vocal musicians.

These situations may tend to drift away from the mic. Some microphones are designed to offer the best capture even when the target is inches away.

Go for a microphone like BM800, which has become popular for live radio production.

Frequency response

Every good professional microphone provides a graph showing its frequency response. This response is measured as the magnitude in which it responds to the range of frequencies.

These specifics mics will get a bit more highs and a bit more lows than other options. Using a microphone with a sure sound source comes down to this feature.

Your buying decision will be influenced by the understanding of microphone response to known frequencies. You will pick up the right mic for the right job.


The power supply is another vital consideration one must look out for when choosing a condenser microphone. Most of the high-end mics feature a power supply or need phantom power.

For those who want to stay mobile, you must choose a microphone with the right power supply. But this might not be easy, especially if you are working with a vocal booth. It would be a real pain in the neck if you forgot to wire.


Condenser microphone price in Bangladesh varies depending on the features of the microphone. As stated above, condenser microphones come in different shapes, features, and functionality.

The highest-priced microphones are considered to be the best. A microphone like BM800 can cost up to 4000Tk.

This is not the most expensive mic, though.

Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphones can cost up to 16,100 BTK. This should give you everything you need.

You will find different condenser microphone prices in Bd depending on the dealer as well. Try checking out different dealers and products before settling one.

Note also that the brand affects the price. Most popular brands like Audio Technica and Shure offer the best quality mics, but they are not cheap.


Buying a good condenser microphone is not as easy as it sounds. But with the right information, it should not be hard. We hope you can now get something that satisfies your needs.