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A18 Digital LED Clock With Alarm And Bluetooth Speaker

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A18 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Buy A18 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker At The Best Price In Bangladesh

While there’s no surety that we’re coming out of this pandemic situation anytime soon, covid-19 restrictions have shut down numerous offices and workplaces globally. Switching to a home-based working regime isn’t facile, especially if you’re having a proper scheduled day. During this time, you’ll require a device serving punctuality and timeliness to keep you on track throughout the day, more specifically, an alarm clock.

With the evolution of modern technology, countless productive devices that were only used for a single purpose becomes every household requirement due to their multi-function applications.  Many traditional manual devices have been taken up by sophisticated and digital properties that make our quarantine sessions exciting and entertaining. One of which is the ultimate A18 alarm clock Bluetooth speaker.

Oftentimes, sleepers depend on alarm clocks to wake them up timely so they won’t be late for work or other commitments. Besides telling the time and waking you up, modern portable alarm clocks acquire multiple functions, including connection with the smartphones, and projecting Bluetooth speakers reflexively.

Alarm clocks have evolved significantly over the years and have become a necessity to modern households. With smart features and advanced execution, they have obtained several advanced applications within.

Among others, one of the exceptional features of the A18 digital led alarm clock is the availability of Bluetooth speakers. Undoubtedly, an alarm clock and Bluetooth speakers are two different devices with distinct purposes. However, purchasing them separately can be extravagant. Fortunately, this product will surely bring pleasure to every prompt and music lover out there.

If you’re an awful sleeper and couldn’t wake up on your own then you surely need an alarm clock in your life, and what if you get additional advanced and responsive features with a portable alarm clock such as a Bluetooth speaker? Here’s an evaluated guide for all the sleepers and audiophiles out there that might want to add up a musical setup to their quarantined work sessions with great punctuality.  Let’s review the specifications of one of the top-rated alarm clocks known as the A18 alarm clock Bluetooth speaker.

How A18 Alarm clock speaker does work?

You might recall the time when alarm clocks were only destined to waking someone’s up from a deep slumber. Presently, with a rise in technology comes digital applications with greater accessibility, and there’s no better way to relish them within the comfort of your home.

The A18 Alarm clock Bluetooth speaker arrives in a beautifully packed carton box with A18 printed on it. There’s another box available inside, in which you get a few useful accessories, including amicro USB cable, and a manual guide. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that contains a metallic body and appears to be more appealing because of the black metallic finish. Moreover, it is equipped with a dual alarm system and ambient night-time light with variant colors, including blue, and purple.

Specifications of A18 Alarm clock with Bluetooth speaker:

The A18 portable alarm clock proceeds with various advanced features, which are as follows.

Supports multiple os and devices


  1. Efficient Built-in operations:

As mentioned above, the most attractive feature of the A18 alarm clock is the availability of Bluetooth speakers. Regardless of wherever you reside, this device is completely portable and can be carried anywhere. You can easily make use of it during traveling or just relaxing at your home spa, it is rechargeable and laxative as well.

The built-in FM radio contains multiple stations with digital tuning. It utilizes a Bluetooth connection with incredible sound and effortless pairing that delivers a rich bass sound. This wireless speaker can be applied to both iOs and Android devices. Additionally, the external slot makes it handy to connect and disconnect AUX wire and hands-free.

A18 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Comes With Stereo Speakers and offers excellent sound quality

  1. Amazing sound quality:

The A18 alarm clock Bluetooth speaker is presently provisioned with exclusive five-watt Bluetooth speakers that chisel your listening quality as exuberant as the viewing quality. With this device, you’re given the feasibility to connect it with the projector, television, smartphone, laptop and pc . The availability of speakers allows you to connect it with an IR receiver so that you can also operate the externally attached device. However, the A18 device is portable and movable, which is usually considered the most ideal one.

Furthermore, the A18 Bluetooth speakers can be an exciting present for kids, friends, and family. It is a perfect device for home entertainment, for instance, watching cricket or football games on a projector with highly vibrant content as well as exceptional sound quality.

  1. Light-weighted speakers:

The beauty of this modern portable Bluetooth speaker A18 alarm clock is that, far from the separated devices, there’s an availability of speakers within. Many users opt for bulky speakers for entertainment purposes but that isn’t necessary. With A18 Bluetooth speakers, there’s no need to carry extra heavy speakers.

The A18 Bluetooth speaker is already very light-weighted, just around 355grams. Bulky and powerful music equipment is difficult to carry, occupies large spaces, and is designed for wider areas. Undoubtedly, it is a great upgrade to an alarm clock.  Underneath the device, you’re given a flat surface to keep it stable anywhere.

  1. Effortless assembling:

It is easier to set up an A18 alarm clock, you are only required to keep it on a table and set it up for alarm or you can utilize the provided speakers and project it to any screen while binging on your favorite TV show or movie. This device is great for smaller rooms; the sound is almost distorted and can be transmitted to a distance of 10 meters.

However, if you failed to adjust the angle of the speakers accurately, you might be facing some challenges while listening to the sound of the moving content, so carrying out the setting accurately is highly recommended.


A18 Portable Design Bluetooth Speaker


  1. Replacing conventional speakers:

A18 Bluetooth speaker isn’t only productive for moviegoers and audiophiles, but it’ll utterly replace the bulky speakers with a petite one. In this regard, the portable A18 Bluetooth speakers retain everything that you need. With the assistance of a charger, the device is easily rechargeable.

Now that we know the sound quality of the A18 Bluetooth speaker is fabulous, it replaces the tiresome venture of moving heavy manual speakers and creates a similar decorous effect at home or anywhere you feel comfortable. In case you’ve connected the device to a home theater, the sound of the surroundings won’t be audible.

Mirror LED Digital Clock With Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Stylish Mirror Surface With Vibrant Display:

The digital LED display on this portable mirror alarm clock shows accurate time and temperature. It is a minor enhancement, but the mirror clock makes it effortless to recommend as an alarm. The brightness of the A18 display adapts to the light in the room and the number serves well of not casting a glow when dim. Besides having a built-in FM radio and dual alarm system, this smart alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker come with an auxiliary cable and a reliable battery backup as well.

rechargeable 1200mah bluetooth speaker clock


  1. Minimal size:

Having a substantial size of an alarm clock might be tiresome. However, the size of A18 is restricted incredibly well. The size of an A18 alarm clock or Bluetooth speaker varies like 76.5 X 105.5mm, and it acquires a little area of any bedside table. Despite being on the petite end, this device offers versatile Bluetooth connectivity and its 1200mAh rechargeable battery lasts longer while the digital led display’s quality remains excellent.

Three Levels Of LED Clock Brightness Setting For Accurate Adjustment

  1. Accurate brightness level:

Digital devices with low brightness levels leave a lasting strain on our eyes, because of which we couldn’t look at them for minutes with sleepy eyes. However, the A18 alarm clock creates no such issues as it contains an appropriate contrast ratio, and the brightness is up to the mark and meets all the visual requirements of the user.

Dual Purpose Speaker - Alarm Clock With Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Dual Personality:

If you’re a music-lover, then there’s must be regular use of speakers in your life. However, there is a similar use of an alarm clock. Now, what if you’re getting the benefit of two useful devices into one? For this purpose, you can opt for the A18 alarm clock with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Instead of purchasing both of them separately, you can just get one and save some extra pennies.

  1. Durability:

If you’re considering purchasing an A18 alarm clock, theirs is always a durability check. For this purpose, the A18 device will always be staying in a win situation. Since you’re going to pay a reasonable amount for this product, you’ve got a right to review the durability. However, the A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker aren’t going to disappoint you. The body is composed of a fine metallic finish ABS plastic and it won’t get affected by any external adversity. Additionally, the device is utterly portable so you can also have a check of its well-being.

Pros and Cons of an A18 Alarm clock/ Bluetooth speaker:


A popular Chinese brand’s portable A18 alarm clock, also known as A18 Bluetooth speakers with a remarkable sound system. Here’s a quick guide of pros and cons to all the sleepers and audiophiles out there trying to get their hands on this multi-functional alarm clock.

  1. Despite being on the cheaper end, the A18 alarm clock appears to be lavish with quality accessories, including an AUX wire and a charger.
  2. The body of the device is metallic, so the fingerprints easily fade away.
  3. The black finish at the front and back of the A18 speaker provides an enchanting look to the device.
  4. The device is straightforward and the specifications aren’t complicated, so it’s easily understandable.
  5. The features enable you either listening to the music through the provided speakers or be hands-free in solidarity.
  6. The device is portable as well as rechargeable.
  7. A18 Bluetooth speaker is a stylish device with the availability of a sleep timer and FM radio.
  8. While listening to the songs, you can put yourself in a peaceful slumber and wake up after a certain period.
  9. The display is highly vibrant so you can predict the time just right. Also, the alarm sound and snooze time are adjustable.
  10. Oftentimes, the light-weight of the A18 alarm clock is merit itself, as anyone can carry it.


Evidently, the A18 alarm clock isn’t having any demerits, as evaluated above in all the specifications. Still, let’s review some of the cons if it has any.

  1. The A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker can be productive and risky simultaneously. Listening closely to the speakers can leave a severe strain on your ears.
  2. It contains an average volume quality.
  3. Speakers are energy consumers, and it means that adding an A18 Bluetooth speaker to your space can be quite risky, but you can utilize it according to your requirement and preference.
  4. The lamp life of the A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speakers is quite low. However, it depends on the user’s usage and battery percentage.
  5. If the battery gets low, the alarm snooze won’t work.
  6. The battery timings are limited.

FAQs about the A18 Alarm clock and Bluetooth speakers:

The most common queries about the portable A18 alarm clock include, is the product handy? Is it easy to operate? Is the design is appropriate for our taste? Additionally, users also want to get acknowledged about the price and the device’s quality to make certain that the cost doesn’t compromise on their expectations and requirements.

Exceptional FM reception, simplified user interface, reliable charging, durability, portability, and attractive design are the most typical features of the A18 alarm clock with Bluetooth speakers. Also, identifying the features that for to your preferences by checking former customer’s reviews can help you realize your requirements, one must be smart enough to make the right decision.

  1. Can we set up an alarm and listen to the music simultaneously?

Methodically, music is beneficial for putting someone to a peaceful sleep. Of course, the A18 alarm clock allows listening to the music and set up an alarm for the next day. However, you must keep the device fully charged for doing so, and remember that the charged battery serves for 3 to 5 hours only.

  1. Do the light from the A18 alarm clock disturb sleep?

Many sleepers find the light from digital alarm clocks annoying, but the A18 portable alarm clock arrives with a dimmable display. The light rays are slightly sharp during the nighttime compared to the daytime. A18 clock provides a comfortable sleep to the user without any disruption.

  1. How does an A18 alarm clock better than the manual alarm clocks?

The main difference between digital alarm clocks and manual ones is budgeting. Digital ones arrive with multiple accessories and applications, and they serve multi-functionally. On the contrary, manual ones offer a single purpose of waking someone up from a deep slumber. The A18 alarm clock is dual-natured, and it contains a productive Bluetooth speaker within. With this device, it’ll be your decision either to use it as an alarm clock or as a music speaker.

  1. How do I set the A18 clock up for alarm?

Every digital alarm clock comes equipped with specific features and rules to follow. The list of instructions that came with the A18 clock will explain the procedure in detail. Typically, you’ll need to press digital series of buttons to set the alarm preferences.

  1. Does the device offer efficient features with durability?

Apart from having a modified FM radio and a USB charger,  the A18 alarm clock offers more interesting features, including the 3.5mm headphone plug cable. It works as a Bluetooth 5.0 cordless speaker which let you steam the music regardless its source (it might be your Smartphone or laptop) The USB port is available for charging purpose. The device also provides a sleep timer with an appropriate brightness level of the display.

Is the A18 alarm clock expensive?

The A18 device is a delightful blend of an alarm clock and quality Bluetooth speakers. It serves well in smaller rooms, works compatibly with attached screens, and produces high-quality sound honestly. After evaluating all the benefits and specifications of the A18 alarm clock, do you want to know an amazing fact? The fact is that the A18 alarm clock is far from being lavish and a high-end budget-friendly digital alarm clock containing Bluetooth speakers. If you’re looking for a modern alarm clock, this is the one to opt for.

Alarm clocks with low prices usually lack somewhere. However, with the A18 device, you’re given portable Bluetooth speakers that you utilize anywhere.

On such a budget, the services offered by the A18 alarm clock are remarkable. Presently, the prices of this gadget are very different in various states. Let’s review them.

  1. The A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker price in the United States vary from $6.5- 7.05.
  2. The A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker price in Bangladesh currently stands from 730 to 800 Bangladeshi Taka.
  3. The A18 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker price in Pakistan vary from PKR 3780 to 4000 rps.

When we consider modern alarm clocks, they usually come equipped with multiple digital applications, similar to the A18 alarm clock with Bluetooth speakers. However, as we’ve conjured up numerous specifications of this device along with the pros and cons, it would be easy for the purchasers to understand its mechanism.


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SKU: A18 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker Categories: , , ,
Model A18
Main Features
  • Digital LED Clock
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Alarm
  • FM Radio
  • Room Temperature Sensor
  • Portable Size
  • Rechargeable
Interfaces AUX Input, Micro SD Card Slot, USB Power In
Bluetooth Type Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery

Clock Mode: approximately 24 Hours

Bluetooth Music Playback:  approximately 3-4 hours ( depends on playback volume and also the audio track )

Clock Mode 24-Hour Format
Speaker Power 4Ω 3W
Stereo Speakers Dual Diaphragm Speakers ( one main speaker unit and the other one acts as a tweeter )
Temperature Detection Accuracy ± 2 degrees
Power 5V (1A to 2 A)
Clock Type Digital LED Clock With Mirror Front
Clock Brightness Adjustment Has three levels of brightness adjustment options.

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