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3D Illusion Lamp Largest Collection In BD

3D Illusion Lamp Light for Home Decoration | Largest Collection | Zymak BD

3D illusion lamp light can be a smart showpiece for your home/office. It can be used as a bedside night light and also as a unique attractive showpiece. Whether it’s your bedside, or your table, this thing looks good anywhere. It can also be a perfect light for your office table/reception table or computer table. The 3D illusion lights come with an ABS plastic LED Light base and transparent acrylic glass. These 3d lamp lights are available in various shapes and designs. Among these decorative 3d lights, the Eiffel tower model is the most popular in Bangladesh. Because of its smart sophisticated look, the Eiffel tower 3D light can be your favorite desk lamp. It can also be a good item for a birthday gift.

Why are these called 3D lamp lights?

3D lamp lights usually have 3d structures or designs and in nighttime, these lights look completely like real 3d models floating in midair, so these night lamps are widely known as 3D lamps in Bangladesh.
The 3D effect has well resembled in the Eiffel tower model, teddy bear model, and heart model. So we suggest you to choose among these models.

3 Color Changeable
It has three colors lighting white, warm white and candlelight. You can change the color anytime by switching off the lamp and switching it on again. So you are getting 3 in 1.
3D looking structures
Together with the transparent acrylic, led light refraction, and 3d pattern, the Eiffel tower 3D light looks like a real 3d structure.
Long-Lasting LED Lights
We all know that led lights have the highest lamp life and now more than 60% of the lighting industry is dominated by LED Light source. The same goes for the Eiffel tower 3d lamp too, this decorative 3d lamp also uses the LED light source for lighting. So, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the lights.
Standard AC Power EU Plug
All our 3d lamps have built-in AC/DC power switching ability and are powered by round EU plugs. So you can use it conveniently anytime and anywhere. Please remember there is also an USB-powered model that requires an additional USB power adapter to power the light. The USB-powered model is low in price and it’s a hassle to connect extra USB power adapters and so we do not import the USB powered lamps.
Available in various Eye-catching Designs
3D lights are available in multiple shapes and patterns, these include the PUBG gamer’s light, kids Dinosaur lamp, Guitar showpiece, teddy bear, heart, horse, and Eiffel tower. These lamps can also be used for room lighting and home decoration.

What is the price of a 3D lamp in Bangladesh?

3D lamp price in Bangladesh ranges from 350 to 800 TK. The price varies depending on the size, lighting features, power options and purchase source. Get the best deals on 3d night lights at Zymak BD. Here at Zymak, you will find an extensive collection of 3D lamps at the Guaranteed lowest price. Now let’s discuss the key points of price variation, acrylic 3d lamps are usually cheaper than 3d moonlight. 3D moonlight price ranges from 600 BDT to 900 BDT. If you are looking for a 3d optical illusion light, there will be two types of led lighting options, some 3d illusion lights have 3 color lights and some have 7 color RGB lights. The price is 7 colors RGB lighting 3d light lamp is usually more than the 3 color lights. As we discussed before, the price can also vary according to the power options. If the light is USB powered, then the price is cheaper but if the light is ac powered then the price is higher. The price of AC-powered lights is higher because AC-powered lights have built-in AC/DC power adapter inside.